Saturday, January 26, 2019

G'Day as they say in Tassie!

I am enjoying summer in winter! I am Downunder with some of my family who are working here on a project for a few months. Tasmania is a great place to do summer in winter.

I am adjusting to a very restricted diet because of me gastritis but I'm doing quite well. My diet consists of a lot of rice especially brown rice and also a black rice I found here.  Tons of fresh vegetables like kale, spinach, beets and zucchini. I'm also enjoying some of the amazing summer fruits including some of the best apricots that I’ve had since my own father grew them in his backyard in California.

My stamina is much better and my strength is improving as well. I work out pretty regularly at the gym that is close by where I'm staying in Tasmania. Plus, I walk several miles a day averaging 5 to 8 miles almost every day. Hobart is a really walkable city which makes it such a pleasure to get around.  I am so incredibly grateful that I have taken so much better care of my health these last year’s. With my cycling, skiing and other sports I am in the past physical condition of my life. I can really enjoy a place like this and get out and see the sights by doing a ton of walking, much of which are done in tandem with a cute two-year old who I push around in her stroller.

 I am still losing weight, and am now closing in on a weight that I have not seen for over 25 years.  I think it really comes down to my restricted diet but also that I’m gluten free.

And to Sharon and Jane-thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I think about you both and hope for the best for you.
Till the next time,

Hobart, Tasmania Habor

Me at my Happy Place!

Monet's Garden in Tasmania!
A beautiful river

Black swans

The two-year old!

Fabulous summer market

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