Sunday, June 10, 2018

Re-entering the blogging world!

Happy Summer!
It has been a while since I made some time for blogging, but, now that it is summer, I hope to do a bit more. Blogging has always been a way for me to process this journey toward continued good health with other readers. I have enjoyed good health and I continue to exercise regularly. Below are some recent pictures of camping with my grandbabies. I hiked over 25 miles with them and on my own over four days. Prior to my weight loss, I could never have managed that kind of a trip.

I have continued to keep the bulk of the weight that I lost over five years ago off however, I would like to shed another chunk of weight (20 or so pounds) for a number of reasons. I also want to make strides in keeping my monster of a sweet tooth at bay. I joined Weight Watchers over a year ago dropped 15 pounds and then gained back 10. My sweet tooth had a lot to do with the return of the ten. So, before, I relapse more, I thought I would give blogging another try.

More soon,


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  1. Welcome back! I know for me, blogging also keeps me on task and focused....accountable!