Saturday, May 13, 2017


Hello All,
It is my favorite month of the year! I love May. Spring blooms, bird migrations and welcoming back our state insect the monarch butterfly.

I have lost a total of 11 pounds on Weight Watchers. Actually, I need to report that I lost those 11 pounds within my first two and a half months (by the end of March). Starting in March, I attended two out of state conferences and then caught a bout of influenza, thus I sort of lost my momentum in April. I still kept up tracking all of my food and most days exercised so I have maintained my loss, which is a win.

We finally have warm weather in Minnesota. I have been out almost every morning in the past two weeks before work on a bike ride. I did a 21 miler on Wednesday and another 12 today. I hope to get in a 30-40-mile ride next week as I begin to prepare for the our de Cure.

Some beautiful pictures from our own Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I had a celebratory long stroll there after learning I was promoted to full professor at my institution. 

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  1. This period of maintaining your loss is helps your body regulate!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!