Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Continued Progress

I continue to make really good progress using Weight Watchers online. I am a very disciplined person and that skill is paying off now. I released 7.2 pounds as of today’s weigh in. I have never been a fast weight loss person. When I shed my initial 50 pounds it took me over a year and a half.  I maintained that 50-pound loss for the past almost 6 years.  But despite my best effort’s I could not knock down that last 20 to 30 pounds.  Weight Watchers has helped me fine tune my food choices.  Yes, I am overall eating less but I feel really good. I have been able to keep my exercise and my training up for cross country skiing. I am allotted 28 extra points a week.  I have been really good about saving those points up so that when I am doing a long cross country ski.  I can eat extra carbs or whatever I need to fuel the distance. I am now firmly out of the obese category and well into the overweight category for my BMI.

What’s really helped me is that I take my lunch every day to work and I plan all my meals.  I very seldom eat out.  Having your own food really, really makes a difference because you know exactly what’s in it and in my case how many points are packed into the food. I’ve also refined my portions and now weigh food items when I am not sure.

I’ve only shared a little over 7 pounds but I already feel the difference in my clothing.  It’s amazing!!!