Sunday, December 11, 2016

Happy Winter!

Happy Winter!

We had 5 inches of snow in Minneapolis over the last 24 hours! I am a super winter fan-so I am very excited. That much snow means I can get out my cross country skies. I did. The roads were snow covered, but, I was able to ski in the tracks made by vehicles braving the snowy conditions early this morning. Enough snow to practice my striding and a few other drills.

I have been doing quite well, staying healthy and active. I exercise nearly every day. I have made a habit of getting out and exercising as soon as I wake up each day. I have close to 2500 miles on my bikes. I also roller skied for over 200 miles. Now with cross country skiing season about to start, I will pack in some miles for that, too. This fall I made a habit of getting up at 5am to exercise on the days I had to be to work by 8am. I like to exercise, but, if I do not do it first thing, I make excuses about why I cannot get it done. So, for me doing it right away gets it done.

My bread and butter ride is around a lake in Minneapolis not too far from my house. I usually just do two laps for about 8 miles in about 33 minutes. Once a week at least I try to get in a longer ride. I am not a winter cyclists-so my bike will get a rest for a bit.

Like I noted above, I roller skied, for many miles this fall. There is a park not too far from my house with winding trails and a few gradual hills. I learned to stay upright on the skies, at least most of the time! I also learned how to negotiate turns and double pole. I am not fast-but keep at it. Now that ski season on snow is here, I hope that my better facility on roller skies will pay off. Here is picture of some snow covered ski trails.
Happy winter!