Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Updates!

I hope you are all enjoying a good summer! Summer is very short here in the upper Midwest, so I try to enjoy it to the max! I rode 318 miles in June and already have 91 on the books for July. I have also done some hikes/walks, played tennis a few times (more like volleying the ball back and forth) and have shot a few hoops. Tennis and basketball are part of my rehab for my shoulder.  I am very cognizant of what I am eating, too. My reward is that I am down by three pounds (!!) since summer began. That leaves me 17 for my focus goal.

One of my go to foods is a cup of Fage yogurt mixed with a little fresh or frozen fruit. I also now finely chop up kale and add that to the yogurt. It is really good. I am trying to increase my dark green leafy vegetable intake. I eat plenty of salads and nearly every day, but the dark green leafy veggies like kale and Swiss chard, are foods that have not been part of my diet. Finely chopped Swiss chard is really good with scrambled eggs.

Summer is also time for gardening. My hubby and I scaled back our pollinator garden so that it is more manageable and not so overgrown. Enjoy a few pictures!

Finally, Finding Dory ( is a movie that is on many “must see” movie list for the summer of 2016. And for good reason. With Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, what is there not to love? But, what many might not know is that Finding Dory is an example of a film that lifts up inclusion and disability (short term memory loss) that focuses not on what Dory lacks, but on the strengths that she possesses. I invite all of you to take some time out this summer to see it. Better yet, see it with a kid. It offer many opportunities to explore what it means to overcome one’s challenges with courage, humor and determination.

Stay strong!