Monday, March 14, 2016

Early spring in Minnesota

Good Morning!
I have always enjoyed the shift in light from night to morning and evening into night. Thus, the first day of daylight savings finds me sitting by a large window with all lights out, just watching the grays turn to bright colors as the day begins to unfold.

We had an unusually short winter in Minnesota. Cross-country skiing did not start until about mid December and that was only in places where they could blow and make snow. I cross-country skied about 140 miles, which is not bad for someone who had shoulder surgery in mid-December. I skied for the most part with one pole and worked not on speed or hills, but just on improving my technique of striding. Double poling will wait until next season.

Winter is over in Minnesota. The robins are back and so are the trumpet swans. I am enjoying our mild temperatures, but sad that winter was so short. We need that cold to keep some of our insects at bay, especially the pesky mosquitoes.

I gained 4 pounds this winter and I know exactly why: too many snacks after dinner and less overall rigorous exercise because of my shoulder. I am it now, starting today! I know how easy 4 pounds can turn into 8 and 16 and … That will not happen to me.

Enjoy your spring day wherever you are in your journey!