Thursday, December 17, 2015

Catching up

Long time no blog! No blogging does not mean that I have not been taking are of my health. As of matter of fact I have hit a couple of milestones…

First, I have finally moved out of the obese category! According to my height and age, my BMI is now overweight. It has been a 5-year and slow slow journey, but I do not care. Along the way I have learned to eat differently and of course the power of regular exercise. My weight is now lower than that listed on my drivers license!

Second, I completed over 2500 miles on my various bikes this year. Cycling is still one of my favorite ways to exercise. I did not do many real long rides this year (rode the Tour de Cure in May for 45 miles), but focused more on rides less than 20 miles and hills.  My stamina and speed are definitely improved.

I also took up dry land training this year for cross-country skiing through a local ski shop. We worked on strength training, building endurance through trail running (I was the slowest!) and also roller skiing. I roller skied over 120 miles. Cross-country ski season is getting a slow start here in the upper Midwest. Never the less I have logged about 25 miles on some man-made snow at a local park.

It is the holidays and I enjoy them very much. After all these years I have learned some restraint with sweets and treats. Some restraint. Not all. I feel ready for the eating and feasting that comes with the holidays and family gatherings. 

Enjoy a few pictures of grandbabies, cycling shadows and me!

 Merry Holidays!