Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Catching up

Happy Fall!
Long time no post! Like all of you, life and living are a ride that rarely lets up. I am already in the 4th week of the academic year. Time flies, but life is good.

I had a great summer, including a family reunion to the Netherlands. My husband immigrated to the States as a young adult, so all most of his siblings are still there. It was the first time that the 7 siblings had been together in one place for many years.

His siblings, like us, have grown up children who are also having children. Many of our shared dinners were with 40 or so people, including 13 kids under 12. We all took turns cooking and cleaning up. We stayed in the village where my hubby originates. And because it was the Netherlands we did a lot of cycling. I rode almost 400 miles while I was there. Picture below is of my hubby and sister in law on an early morning ride.

 One of our bike rides along a canal and stopping by a windmill.

 Beautiful Amsterdam!

 These boys celebrated a  big birthday in Holland, too!

I was able to spend some time with my sister and other family in Paris. A highlight fro me was going to Giverny or Monet’s gardens.

I also did a fair amount of work over the summer, teaching and writing a few papers. Through it all, I have kept steady with my eating habits. I finally crossed the threshold of 50 pounds, no make that 51 pounds off. I weigh less than I have weighed in 20 years and am only 4 pounds away from getting out of the obese category. I have done it slowly and steadily. Eating healthy most of the time and getting in plenty of exercise. I managed to actually lose weight in Europe because I did so much cycling! 

In Minnesota, the official end of summer comes with the State Fair. I took Noah and siblings to the fair for his birthday. We of course headed right to the math booth (Math on a stick!).  
You may not hear from me much in bloggy land, but just know that I am still working on my health. It feels so gooood to be 51 pounds lighter!!!