Friday, May 29, 2015


The beautiful month of May is almost finished! It has been a good month for me. I reached another weight milestone (166), which means I am down 11 pounds all together this year. I am finally under what the weight is on my drivers license, which is another milestone. Here is a birthday photo with two of my favorites. 
My cycling miles have topped 307 for the month and that is not including what I will ride tomorrow during the Tour de Cure (43), a cycling charity ride for the American Diabetes Association. 

I attribute my success to being incredibly vigilant about what I eat. As I have noted before, I eat basically the same thing every day.  It is slowly working. 

In other news, I found my first monarch egg of the season at a garden that I care for at the college where I teach. While I did not see the adult, this is evidence that the monarchs have made it to Minnesota. Wahoo!

Stay strong everyone! You can do this!


  1. Great job! I totally understand about the driver's license weight. I'm not quite there yet, but soon...

  2. Thank you Michele for stopping by. It was awesome to have you comment. WOW!!! you are really putting those miles on and have learned what works for you. AWESOME!!
    Take care Michele and have a great weekend.

  3. Michelle, keep pedaling, girl!

  4. Great job on the month and for the year!!! Slow and steady wins the race!!