Saturday, May 2, 2015



Hello All,
April was a great month for me! I biked over 280 miles!! Exercise is just who I am now. I built in time early in the morning to exercise, meaning there were some days when I was up and out on my bike before 6am (I have lights on my bike). I do not necessarily like getting up that early, but it was the only way that I could guarantee that I would exercise.

April was also the month that I tweaked my eating so that I have increased protein and gone low-carb. That regime has worked. I am loosing about .5 pounds a week now. That is still very slow, but I will take it. I am now at the lowest weight that I have been at for over 20 years. My goal this year is to shed another 20 pounds. I have shed one third of that weight in 4 months. It is slow, but that is how my body works. Slow. After 5 years of working on getting healthier I have patience. 

Early morning sunrise on one of my rides
 We have now entered my favorite month of the year: May. I look forward to more cycling and of course shedding a couple of pounds. Happy May!


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  1. We have been having great spring weather in Minnesota! Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I lose slowly too, but like you, I'll take it. Enjoy these lovely spring days!