Saturday, February 7, 2015


January zoomed by and now it is already the second week of February. Time to get a blog post in. I enjoyed a little winter get away in January starting with the conference. My hubby met me with our youngest grandson on the last day of the conference. We traveled with him fro a little winter get away to Southern California.  I enjoyed some more cycling, although this time with a Burley in tow.

Noah was a lot of fun, enjoyed the beach and kept us laughing. Noting like travel with a 5 year old to lighten your load. 

I enjoyed myself a little too much and came back with a few pounds gained. I’m working hard at those few pounds and the other 30 that I have left. Exercise is mainly cross-country skiing. I have over 150 miles in so far this winter. It is a lovely sport and gets me outdoors. I am back to eating about the same thing every day, which is what works for me in weight loss land.

Thanks for stopping by and TTFN,