Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cycling in January and stats for 2014

Greetings from Portland Oregon!
I have been in Portland for the past few days attending a conference. Portland is a mecca for cycling, which for me is wonderful. I rented a lovely Linus city bike for the week. Light and sturdy. My first ride was at twilight for just 6 miles.
My hotel is close to the river bike trail system. I rode over 50 miles already and plan to do another 10 tomorrow before I leave.

The sun came out a little bit every day, which was wonderful. Most of the time I rode in the morning as the day was breaking. Riding in the early morning gave me a flavor of the hundreds of commuters in this area. Every morning there were streams of them coming into the city. I know some very hardy folks bike commute through the winter in Minnesota, but I do not think I could ever do that. But, here, yes. Temperatures were about 35-40 over night and about 38-45 during the day. Quite pleasant. Getting in 60 miles of outdoor cycling made this trip really great for me.

Here are my cycling stats from last year:

2570 miles cycled is round trip from LA to Seattle. That is pretty amazing! I am off to a good start with my Portland miles. I know once I am back home in Minneapolis I will be riding my bike inside on a trainer.

Have a good week!