Sunday, November 2, 2014

Post Halloween and travel


I made it through Halloween! Our family always gathers at our house for trick or treating in our neighborhood. I did not eat stellar, but I did not do too badly. I piled the green salads high on Halloween, but did allow myself a few pieces of chocolate treats that I like and a few cookies. I kept up my biking last week so I had a little wiggle room with calories. I still probably was not quite calorie neutral,but like I said it was not too bad. Now that Halloween is behind us Halloween is behind us, I am on track again.

I will be starting some international travel related to work on Friday. I am planning some simple  travel foods to take along with me so that I have healthy choices amidst all the wonderful rich foods. I will be in Spain so although I will not be biking, I will be able to do a fair amount of walking.

I am also happy to report that I bought a really nice pair of pants (that fit terrific!) at a local consignment shop a couple of weeks ago. I had to hem them, but other than that they are perfect! A great pair of pants (lined) for traveling. Love shopping at consignment shops now that I can find clothes that fit me!

Stay well and be strong!