Sunday, November 2, 2014

Post Halloween and travel


I made it through Halloween! Our family always gathers at our house for trick or treating in our neighborhood. I did not eat stellar, but I did not do too badly. I piled the green salads high on Halloween, but did allow myself a few pieces of chocolate treats that I like and a few cookies. I kept up my biking last week so I had a little wiggle room with calories. I still probably was not quite calorie neutral,but like I said it was not too bad. Now that Halloween is behind us Halloween is behind us, I am on track again.

I will be starting some international travel related to work on Friday. I am planning some simple  travel foods to take along with me so that I have healthy choices amidst all the wonderful rich foods. I will be in Spain so although I will not be biking, I will be able to do a fair amount of walking.

I am also happy to report that I bought a really nice pair of pants (that fit terrific!) at a local consignment shop a couple of weeks ago. I had to hem them, but other than that they are perfect! A great pair of pants (lined) for traveling. Love shopping at consignment shops now that I can find clothes that fit me!

Stay well and be strong!


  1. Love your unique pumpkin! We had grandchildren here on Halloween, which was lots of fun in spite of the very chilly weather. Your international travel sounds exciting. Being at a lower weight makes it easier to be a traveler, which also makes everything about sightseeing more enjoyable. I'm going to hit the consignment shops this week. I also bought two pair of Liz Claiborne pants on Ebay this past week. I used to wear these very nice slacks to work, but they haven't made them for years. They were very popular, so I was able to find them on Ebay. After heming ('m short too), they will see me through the next months very nicely.

  2. Sounds like you handled it very well. Isn't it amazing though how much less you "nibbled" than you did back in the day? I find that now even when I cheat a little its no where near what it used to be! It reminds me, I'm doing better all the time, just have to keep it up!