Monday, October 20, 2014

A loss finally!

I am on a very short fall break from teaching at the small college where I work. For the past few days I have indulged myself in autumn: with a 4 mile hike along the Lake Superior Hiking Trail near Grand Marais and over 35 miles on my bike. Enjoy a few pictures!

I am working hard on my next 10 pounds. I am very happy to report that the scale registered my first two-pound loss in over 2 years! I credit that loss to rigorous eating and continued exercise (I have now logged almost 2500 hundred cycling miles this year!!!). I also am experimenting with eliminating my preventative migraine medications (with my doctor’s approval): a Beta-blocker. No matter what part of my regime beget that two pound loss, I will TAKE it! 

Hope you are all doing well,


  1. Yay!! It's such a boost to have a good loss after a dry spell. Good for you, Michele!

    As for the Beta-blocker...I also take them, and I remember when I first started on the medication, I gained a quick five pounds. My weight loss is slower because of taking beta-blockers, but I need to, so I will try to exercise patience...and continue the exercise routine I have recently started.

  2. Whoot, Whoot! Congrats on getting off meds , as you're able. Love your photos. I used to vacation in the UP in the summer. Great walks on the banks of Lake Superior!