Sunday, March 16, 2014

How I plan for special occasions

We celebrated our granddaughter's 11 birthdays today. Like any family celebration, the party included a wide variety of foods and birthday cake. I planned for just that by eating a salad and a yogurt smoothie before I left. During the party I had some fresh fruit, carrots and hummus and skipped all the chips, dip, and other snack foods. 

I made the chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and if I do say so myself it is mighty good. However, I shared a small piece with my hubby and I left most of the frosting on my plate. We stayed for dinner. Dinner was a burrito bar for the adults and pizza for the kids with salad and fresh fruit I skipped the burrito but folded all the onions, peppers, and even some black beans into a salad. I was able to partake in the festivities, but managed all of the food with my planning and by making moderate choices.  It was a great day for the birthday girl, but also for me. I am working very hard to shed 15 pounds. The planning and eating that I did for this happy family event makes it possible that I will reach my goal.

I am also happy to report I was able to get in two rides this week outdoors (17. 5 and a 31 miler). Now it is still cold so I dressed warm. I also had to go slow because on some trails there is still some ice, but it was fabulous to be outdoors. Looking forward to some better weather later this week for more outdoor biking!

Have a great week! Be well,

Monday, March 3, 2014

200 miles on trainer!

Greetings from a still frozen northern state of Minnesota!

The pictures above convey to all of you why I am riding my bike on a trainer. I estimate that we have about 3 feet of snow on the ground. I doubt I will be hopping on my bike outdoors anytime soon. It has even been too cold lately for me to cross country ski. I am not a fan of skiing unless it is at least 15 degrees above zero. 

All this cold weather means that I have put almost 200 miles on my bike via a trainer. I continue to be right on track with the training suggested for the STP. 
Overall doing well. TTFN and stay strong! Michele