Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Training begins

I began training today for the Seattle to Portland Ride that I hope to do on July 12 & 13.  The training schedule has me riding on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, which I think will be manageable with my work schedule. Here is a glimpse of my training schedule.

Wednesday is generally a little lighter ride. For now I am just riding indoors with my bike attached to my trainer. 

My view while riding!
If you followed my blog for a while, you may know that I bought a trainer about two years ago. It was very hard for me to get used to riding it mainly because it is indoors. Slowly over time I have become accustomed to it. Over the last few weeks I have slowly started riding it again. I started with short times like 20 or 30 minutes then up to 40. Today I rode a solid hour to start week 1 of training.

As I was riding today I could not help but think about the discipline that is required to reach any goal with substance, including in my case regaining my health and increasing my fitness. While riding my mind was whirling around the many tasks that remained on done while I rode. Instead of being in the moment, my mind was moving out of synch with my body. In other words I was not really present while I was pedaling. I began to shift into really taking in what my body was doing. My legs moving and feet stretching.  On a trainer I can close my eyes and help myself to focus on what I am doing. What I found myself doing was really focusing on the rather simple task of cycling. It was a very calming act. I was in the moment and enjoying it immensely. As I regained focus on my cycling movements, I realized that I was cycling stronger and better. That kind of mental focus is something I will work to cultivate as I continue training. It is easy to lose that kind of focus in an over subscribed life. Very easy. Right? 

Stay strong and be well,


  1. You have come such a long way, Michele, and I look forward to reading about your progress and your adventures as you move toward this new goal. Seattle to Portland--what a fabulous ride!!

  2. Yes - discipline! Isn't is amazing what a little discipline can do for us. That is the word of the day for me...discipline...letting that roll around my head...thank you for the reminder! Congrats on your upcoming goal - it is wonderful that you have set such a goal and now you have gone and publicly proclaimed it! Looking forward to following this part of your journey! Atta girls for Michelle!!!!!!

  3. You're doing STP??? Awesome! One day or two? Either sounds like a fantastic experience. Someday when my life doesn't revolve around my kids, I'd like to do STP. I should probably get a trainer. A friend of mine racks up long rides on hers. I like the thought about using the trainer to close your eyes and really get into your ride. I've been doing the opposite - TV and smartphone browsing - and have to be careful to keep my pace up and my form good.

  4. You are so right Michele. I've been noticing that I am not "in the moment" like I should be. Mainly because of my phone. Yep, I'm a texter and I need to put it down. A couple weeks ago I did that for a few days in a row and things seemed calmer but loster. So I need to find a balance and enjoy the now.
    Take care and good luck with your training. I know that you will excel. Blessings my friend!

  5. I have a tentative schedule of my runs/races for this I need to plan a few organized bike rides in there. One that I've registered for yearly since 2009 is sadly on a work weekend for me this year! The winter has been rough and I'm going to pt out if the early April one too since I haven't ridden a mile other than at the gym sporadically. Yep...gotta get to planning!!!

  6. That is such an awesome goal! So proud of you. It is hard to stay in the present, but I love those moments when you can truly focus on your body moving. Way to go!!