Monday, January 6, 2014

Goals for 2014

Happy New year!
We are off to a frigid beginning of the year in the Upper Midwest. We were down to -25 degrees last night. Our high will be -12! That is cold!! But, all that cold is good for keeping invasive species at bay, including many insects that would like to migrate to the Upper Midwest. So, there is always a bright side to the weather. School has now been cancelled two days in a row.

With the inclimate weather, I am back to riding my trainer. I have it set up in my living room at our cabin where I will spend a great deal of January working on my writing. Riding my trainer is a good way fro me to catch up on my New Yorker reading!


I have two overall fitness and health related goals for 2014, one related to weight and the other related to fitness.

Weight loss: My target this year is a 17-pound loss. I weighed in most recently at 166.6, losing 17 pounds will put me in the upper 140s, numbers that I have not seen in over 20 years. I believe a 17 pound loss is doable for me, too. I am hoping to shed this weight by the end of May, when biking season gets into full swing.  My plan is to continue to eat healthy and track what I eat.

Cycling: Distance: Last year I logged over 1800 miles in cycling. I did not reach my goal of 3000 because I broke my foot in late May. For 2014, I am going to rededicate my efforts to reaching 3000 miles on my bike. Speed: I would like to increase my cycling speed to 14-15 mph on average. Last year, I averaged 13-14 mph. As I lose a little more of my weight and continue to train, I think this goal will also be doable.

I am targeting two fitness events for 2014. On May 31, 2014, I am registered to ride 100 miles in the Tour de Cure, a fundraiser sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. This will be my first Century ride. I am hoping to recruit a number of family members to join me in riding in this event. There are many lengths of rides starting at 7 miles and topping off at the century. The second event that I am targeting is the Seattle to Portland (STP) ride sponsored by the Cascade Cycling club and Group Health. Both of these rides and events will be a way for me to celebrate my increased fitness and good health in tandem with a couple of others significant personal milestones. The Century ride for diabetes will be a good indicator as to whether I have the stamina for the STP.

Now it is my turn to check in with all of you and find out what your own plans are for 2014!  Stay strong and TTFN,


  1. I've lived some really cold places like Anchorage, Alaska and Rutland, Vermont and I must admit I don't miss it. Stay warm if you can.

    Your goals sound very reasonable to me. You would only have to lose a little less than a pound and a half a month to make the weight loss part. I wish I had my bicycle here but it probably won't be moved for a while. Good luck with all your goals. :)

  2. Seattle to Portland, wow! Cool! I'm doing that drive when I go there and that's what, 3h? A bike would be more! You're fit! :D

    I think your goals are good! You know you can do it!

  3. Wow!!! That Seattle to Portland ride is the most ambitious pedaling I've ever heard of!?! Is there a stop over for a sleep over, or is it all the way through? Either way, that is a HUGE ambitious goal. Good Luck!

  4. You can totally smash that goal! :-)

  5. I know you can do this Michele. You have done so awesomely. Keep it up girl.

  6. So nice to see your post and hear your goals. I think they are excellent and very doable. Would love to hear a recap of how you felt last year went in terms of meeting your goals. I know you lost more weight and you've already mentioned how far you biked! Hope you have a terrific semester.

  7. This is awesome. I love your goals and how concise they are! Good luck in 2014!

  8. Awesome respectable and attainable goals!!!!

  9. Thanks for commenting on my post about getting a life! My husband is loving nursing school and it is so worth the sacrifice and yes, we need more male nurses and maybe if it works out - nurse finding me while we are here - it's an adventure!