Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
In my family, Halloween is a family filled day. We host dinner and some games for the grandbabies. Afterward the parents and the kids go out trick or treating. I bought some healthier treats to give out such as raisins and snack crackers, but I also have a couple of bags of candy. I am now finally at a point where I do not binge on candy. Yes, I had a couple of pieces of Halloween candy a day for the last few days, but that was it. I also read the calories on the bag so I was cognizant of just how many I was eating with my treats.  I am now able to handle a holiday with moderation. 

The weather is definitely moving toward winter in Minnesota. We had our first frost about a week ago, which is very late for us. Most trees in Minneapolis still have their leaves on the trees, however, the bright fall colors are mostly gone now.  I am on my bike about 4-5 times a week, getting in between 35-59 miles still a week. My asthma episode is now completely behind me. I did put on two pounds while taking that prednisone, but I do not think that is too bad. I hope to shed these couple of pounds in the next couple of weeks. I am still below 170 pounds which is an historic milestone for me!

The coolest news in our family, is that our son, Sean and his wife, Anne, in Port Townsend, WA, are building a beautiful home. For fall break my hubby and I went out to help. I am not very good with power tools, but I learned how to use a chop saw and a power mailer. Together with Sean (remember he is a talented boat builder, who was in charge), we put in the floor beams and joists and laid the sub floor. It was a great experience as you can see in the pictures. First the plans:

Here we are starting the rim of the foundation. 
Getting the floor joists out. 

This is the concrete base that will be under their bedroom with their initials!!
My hubby using the nail gun!

Finished sub-floor!
Happy Halloween! One of my favorite things to do is to go out about 8pm or so and see all the beautiful Jack ‘O Lanterns. They are magical! TTFN!  Michele