Monday, July 29, 2013

Tall ships!

We went to the Tall Ships Festival in Duluth last weekend. Nine beautiful ships came into port for all to see. It was a drizzly day as you can see, but still very nice to witness those beautiful ships sailing around the waters of Lake Superior. 
Hubby and I took our bikes with us to Duluth. The website suggested that parking would be an issue, so we brought our bike to navigate through the throngs of visitors and their cars. We rode our bikes to the local farmers market and picked up some veggies, including some delicious lettuce. We took a ride down a road that borders Superior Bay and ends at Park Point, the word’s largest fresh water sand bar. Although windy and off and on drizzly, it was a flat road which made it an easy ride

Last week was another great week for cycling. I rode 96 miles, which brings my 2013 total close to 1000 miles (and that is with 5 weeks off for a broken foot!). Several of my rides were with good friends (that would be you C!), family or my hubby. My speed and strength are returning to where they were in late May when I had my little fall. I am officially training now to ride my second Venus de Miles on September 29 in Boulder, Colorado. This is a charity ride that raises money for under-resourced and aspiring students. I plan to ride the 67-mile course or a metric century. It is an all women ride, which makes it very special and incredibly fun.
I continue to track my food as diligently as possible. I have not weighed in for a few weeks, so no loss to report. I am hopeful that I will get close to leaving the obese category for good by the end of the summer. Plan to weigh in sometime in August.
So, that is my report.  Stay strong in your getting healthy journey!
PS: Munchberry if you read this post, please add me into your "private" blog. 


  1. Wow! You've been doing some great mileage for biking! I'm very impressed.

    We went to see a schooner on Lake Michigan. My oldest daughter was actually on a boating excursion on it in high school, but it made her sea sick--on Lake Michigan. Our little sea of Milwaukee. :D

  2. I missed the boats by 2 days, if I would of read the paper or watched the news I might of known this and waited a couple days to take the kids but .... I got to see them in the paper and your pics and a couple others so all is good.
    You are doing awesome Michele. Keep it up.

  3. I have always wanted to see the Tall Ships! Thanks for the pics! You are doing fantastic on tracking your foods. You will see weight loss!

  4. Sounds like a fun day!

    Congrats on your 1000 miles! That's HUGE

  5. Wow, you are really racking up the miles on the bike! I've kind of rediscovered walking and haven't biked much this summer. But I realize I'm missing what biking does for me. Thanks for the food tracking tip. I referenced it today.

  6. Dang - I didn't know this was happening. I would have driven up! Lucky you to ride along by Lake Superior. Lovely pic of the fritillary in the last post. I'm going to Albuquerque in late September to do some serious metal detoxing. I'll be interested in whether that alleviates some of my food sensitivities. By then you might not be in the obese category!!!