Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Greetings Bloggers!
I adore the plentiful veggies and fruits of summer! We are now picking our own home grown Romaine lettuce that I mixed together with some Farmer’s Market lettuce, some black beans, onions and a splash of fresh picked strawberries. Here is my dinner salad:

I eat a large green salad almost every evening that looks something like the one above. I mix and match a couple of kinds of lettuce with cucumbers, grapes, craisins, radishes, sweet or hot peppers, beets, slivered almonds, etc. My favorite salad dressing right now is this one. 

I use a tablespoon (measured), which accounts for 40 calories, making the salad usually under 150 cals for all the ingredients and the salad dressing, too. I never, ever thought that I would eat so much salad. Nor did I ever think I would enjoy making it myself almost every day. But, I do. I rarely buy pre-prepared lettuce or salad fixings because I always feel they taste somewhat chemical like and are bitter. Besides, cutting up veggies is relaxing. I am going to eat what I cut up and prepare which makes my body reap the benefits of this food prep. When I know I will have an intense and long day at work with little time to prepare my food for dinner, I make up extra lettuce and other ingredients the night before. Easy, peasy. 

Getting back on my bike has been going well.  Last week I rode 56 miles and this week I am up to 46. I am still riding on my Dutch bike rather than my road bike. Here she is all decked out for doing errands.

I ride at a very slow pace, averaging about 10 mph on most rides. My foot is responding well. The trickiest part is still getting on and off my bike. If I land too hard on my left foot, well, ouch! 

I did a little shopping today because my summer clothes are just too big. I tried on these cute orange Capri pants (below) first in a size 16 which were a little big. So, I went back and found a size 14 which I bought. I have not worn a size 14 in probably 15 years! I bought two pairs! So exciting to shop right off the "regular" rack again!

 At the college where I teach the community read this year is this book:

I just finished it. If you are looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend this one. It is the true story of the first woman to row a boat across the ocean. While it might not seem like this book has value to all of us in the weight loss community, it does. Especially for those of you like me who have failed in one-way or another over the years to get healthy. This book is about failure and recovery and is inspirational to the core. One of the websites describes the book like this:  It is about storms that twist our lives and shatter our dreams. It is about the pearls: the guides, the guardians, and the mentors who lift us up after we fall. The cover of the book tells us that this is the true story of the first woman to row a boat alone across an ocean. If you looking for a simple adventure story about a simple athlete, this book is not for you. There is nothing simple about Tori Murden McClure. 

Keep your own oars in the water as you make steady progress in your journey to become healthier. Stay strong! TTFN, Michele


  1. Wonderful post--from the salad fixings, to the adorable capris, to how great you look in them, and the tip about the book that may be an interesting read! A size 14 in pants!! That would make my day. Stay cool in our MN heat wave. Take care, Michele!

  2. Hi Michele - Good on you for the healthy lifestyle and the benefits you are enjoying. There was a time not that long ago, that salad was something I ate very rarely, and only if buried in Ranch dressing. Now I eat a BIG salad almost everyday, and sometimes twice a day. I'm not counting calories, so I usually have red and green lettuce with spinach and or baby kale, along with a variety of veggies, hard boiled eggs, and sometimes chicken. I use olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing. My wife wonders what happened to her husband.

  3. Hi Michele!
    What wonderful post! I agree with you on the salads as I have one every day as well although I wish I had my own garden. One day! Huge congrats on the down-sizing! That is incredible and those size 14 capris look great on you!

    Your bike looks awesome! I am glad you are enjoying getting back into riding again too.

    I will have to check out a Pearl in the Storm. Reading is one of my favourite things to do! :)

  4. I totally agree that salads are great. I'm trying to ween myself off all commercial salad dressings and only have olive oil and vinegar. I'm successful about 75% of the time. The capris are very flattering and congrats on being able to buy a smaller size. :)

  5. Congrats on the size 14's! (And on everything else too.)

  6. Love the salad pic. I eat something similar every day except mine is always at lunch. I like using edamame beans occasionally as a change from black beans. Congrats on the size 14 - you look great!

  7. That salad looks amazing!! And Raspberry Walnut is the ONLY dressing I use!!! New clothes!! GREAT NSV!!! COngrats!!!

  8. Love the Dutch bike! Regarding caffeine, I'm cutting way back on coffee in addition to cutting out diet soda. I don't have the research behind it, but it just makes sense that going overboard with coffee could promote going overboard with eating. If it's part of your plan, I'm probably on the right track!