Monday, July 8, 2013

Guess what?

I have started riding again!! Not my road bike, just one of my transportation bikes. My broken foot has healed to the point where I can cycle!! To be safe, I am wearing my boot especially when I need to stop and put a foot down. 

It feels so GREAT to finally be able to get outside and ride. Since I was given permission to ride, I logged 27 miles (first day 2, second day 6, third day 8 and last day 11). I will probably not ride my road bike for a while. I want to be very confident that I will not fall, plus I need to be able to get into my biking shoes.

So, after a five-week hiatus, I am finally able to get in some good cardiovascular exercise. My heart and soul are just so happy to be outdoors and sort of zipping around on a bike. I rode out near our cabin in NW WI over the Fourth of July week. The roads tend to be very quiet there, plus I do not have to worry about other cyclists that I may run into like I do in the city. So far one of my family members has accompanied me to be sure that I do not have a mishap. 
I hope you all had a great week of the Fourth! Besides getting on my bike, I spent a great deal of time with my grandbabies and several of our adult children. We spotted a number of wonderful insects including the swallowtail and several kinds of dragonflies including the blue dasher below.

I did well in terms of eating last week. Yes, I had a few treats, but I chose good and healthy foods most of the time. I have worked too hard to shed my weight to mess it up with overeating. The calories in the treats were offset by my biking.  Look forward to catching up with all of you. Stay strong this week! Michele


  1. YEAH!!! on your bike. That is awesome Michele. I am so glad you healed so fast.
    I am going to be taking my bike to the bus garage with me when school starts and leaving my car at the garage and riding where ever I need to go and to Kim's when I'm working. You know it's not my favorite form of working out but it will grow on me or at least help me grow less.
    Take care Michele and have a blessed week!

  2. I am more than delighted for you, Michele! Having had a recent serious arm/shoulder injury, I know the joy of being able to do normal things again. So glad your family is taking good care of you, as you take these first steps.

  3. Hi Michele - getting out and riding the bike feels awesome!

  4. That is so wonderful you are able to go riding again!! The pics are beautiful - thank you for sharing! :)

  5. So great that you are able to ride again. Thanks for the b'day greetings, and thanks for the butterfly pic especially.

  6. Hey Michele - I am just seeing this post and reading up on the fact that you broke your foot. That is the worst - as I broke my left foot some 7 years ago. I followed doctors orders and don't have any issues - hoping for the best for you!! Such great news to see that you are riding again and having a good summer, despite the fact of the "boot"
    Wishing you well!!


  7. Hi Michele! You sound on top of your fitness and you're still having lots of fun.

    One of my favorite things about managing my weight well is that my clothing predictably fits--every single day. I just love that. I pull on some short and KNOW they will not be tight. So that's a wonderful thing to me. I'm not even sure what you wrote that made me think of this.

    :-) Marion

  8. Michele, you are such an inspiration! Thanks for all of the encouragement. Glad you're back on the bike.

    That would be awesome if you did STP!!! I know several people who have and, in fact, I saw about a hundred riders near the start on the way to my son's baseball tournament on Saturday. Yes, you have to register almost immediately. There's also a lesser known RSVP (Ride Seattle to Vancouver) that sounds fun.

    We know about the Minn orch lockout. Terrible. One silver lining, however, is that Shannon is getting to play next to John Snow this summer in the Seattle Opera production of the Ring. Snow is principal oboe in Minn and was the same in the Rochester (NY) Phil when we were in school there. I've heard that many orchestras are picking up Minn players for temporary engagements.