Monday, July 22, 2013

113 miles!

Last week was a great week for cycling! First of all, my hubby joined me on many of my rides. On Saturday we went on a long ride (45 miles) in NW WI. We broke up the ride so we did about 22 miles, then stopped for lunch. We found  some very scenic rural roads to ride on.

Despite the puffy clouds, Saturday turned out to be a very windy day as well. I usually fend for myself in windy conditions, but not on Saturday! I was able to experience the merits of drafting (riding close behind another rider so that person cuts the wind for you) with my hubby. Drafting enabled us to maintain a greater speed than I would have ever done alone. Plus, my hubby, who is quite tall and rides a much larger bike than I do, was able to get in a good work out that was appropriate for him. Win-win for both of us.  

Second, I was able to finally get back on my road bike without mishap. I logged 113 miles last week: the most since I broke my foot. My foot still gets sore during the rides thus I am making some picture stops while I ride.
I began tracking my food intake again last week. I discontinued that practice sometime last winter and realized that it is time to pick it up again. I am committed to getting out of the obesity category this summer. The only way I can do that is by carefully tracking my food. I usually exercise in the morning, which means that I can easily eat a larger portion of my calories in the morning. Tracking will help me to plan better and to spread the calories over the whole day. 
We finished our weekend with a canoe ride where we saw a turtle, a loon and the magnificent Fritillary below.

Do you have any cycling planned for this week? Summer will be over soon! Stay strong as you continue to work on getting healthier. TTFN, Michele


  1. Those rural backroads look lovely. I'm sure those miles roll by quicly. So glad you are back in the saddle (so to speak!) after the major blip of a broken foot.

  2. Wow, on the number of miles you biked! Ten miles will bring me misery with my poor aching knees. So far walking and other exercises do not get them going. Have a good week of tracking your food. It is definitely helpful for me even after all these years. :)

  3. Hi Michele - that is some very pretty scenery that you have the opportunity to cycle through:)

  4. That is awesome! Very impressive. Makes me want to jump on my bike too.

  5. Congrats on the serious mileage you got in Michele! Wow! The pics are truly stunning. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Really impressive how you just move forward. No getting stuck or self pitying when it would be really easy to.

    Hubs and I spiffed up our old beater bikes this summer. So old they don't carry the tubes or something for the tires. My pedal came off on the maiden voyage. Luckily I am not a cruiser. I was a mere 1/2 mile away from home (it felt like 10). That makes me appreciate what you do all the more. It is somewhat unfathomable to me to bike 113 m. in a week. So impressive - break or no break on that foot.

  7. I am amazed at how you have gotten back to your cycling after your injury. Isn't our area of the world lovely--especially on the lakes. I base that on your beautiful pictures.

    BTW: Please send me the email attached to your blog, and I will send you an invitation. Sometimes, for certain reasons, I go private for a while. My email is Of course I keep all emails private.

  8. Awesome rides!! and beautiful countryside!