Monday, July 29, 2013

Tall ships!

We went to the Tall Ships Festival in Duluth last weekend. Nine beautiful ships came into port for all to see. It was a drizzly day as you can see, but still very nice to witness those beautiful ships sailing around the waters of Lake Superior. 
Hubby and I took our bikes with us to Duluth. The website suggested that parking would be an issue, so we brought our bike to navigate through the throngs of visitors and their cars. We rode our bikes to the local farmers market and picked up some veggies, including some delicious lettuce. We took a ride down a road that borders Superior Bay and ends at Park Point, the word’s largest fresh water sand bar. Although windy and off and on drizzly, it was a flat road which made it an easy ride

Last week was another great week for cycling. I rode 96 miles, which brings my 2013 total close to 1000 miles (and that is with 5 weeks off for a broken foot!). Several of my rides were with good friends (that would be you C!), family or my hubby. My speed and strength are returning to where they were in late May when I had my little fall. I am officially training now to ride my second Venus de Miles on September 29 in Boulder, Colorado. This is a charity ride that raises money for under-resourced and aspiring students. I plan to ride the 67-mile course or a metric century. It is an all women ride, which makes it very special and incredibly fun.
I continue to track my food as diligently as possible. I have not weighed in for a few weeks, so no loss to report. I am hopeful that I will get close to leaving the obese category for good by the end of the summer. Plan to weigh in sometime in August.
So, that is my report.  Stay strong in your getting healthy journey!
PS: Munchberry if you read this post, please add me into your "private" blog. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

113 miles!

Last week was a great week for cycling! First of all, my hubby joined me on many of my rides. On Saturday we went on a long ride (45 miles) in NW WI. We broke up the ride so we did about 22 miles, then stopped for lunch. We found  some very scenic rural roads to ride on.

Despite the puffy clouds, Saturday turned out to be a very windy day as well. I usually fend for myself in windy conditions, but not on Saturday! I was able to experience the merits of drafting (riding close behind another rider so that person cuts the wind for you) with my hubby. Drafting enabled us to maintain a greater speed than I would have ever done alone. Plus, my hubby, who is quite tall and rides a much larger bike than I do, was able to get in a good work out that was appropriate for him. Win-win for both of us.  

Second, I was able to finally get back on my road bike without mishap. I logged 113 miles last week: the most since I broke my foot. My foot still gets sore during the rides thus I am making some picture stops while I ride.
I began tracking my food intake again last week. I discontinued that practice sometime last winter and realized that it is time to pick it up again. I am committed to getting out of the obesity category this summer. The only way I can do that is by carefully tracking my food. I usually exercise in the morning, which means that I can easily eat a larger portion of my calories in the morning. Tracking will help me to plan better and to spread the calories over the whole day. 
We finished our weekend with a canoe ride where we saw a turtle, a loon and the magnificent Fritillary below.

Do you have any cycling planned for this week? Summer will be over soon! Stay strong as you continue to work on getting healthier. TTFN, Michele

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Greetings Bloggers!
I adore the plentiful veggies and fruits of summer! We are now picking our own home grown Romaine lettuce that I mixed together with some Farmer’s Market lettuce, some black beans, onions and a splash of fresh picked strawberries. Here is my dinner salad:

I eat a large green salad almost every evening that looks something like the one above. I mix and match a couple of kinds of lettuce with cucumbers, grapes, craisins, radishes, sweet or hot peppers, beets, slivered almonds, etc. My favorite salad dressing right now is this one. 

I use a tablespoon (measured), which accounts for 40 calories, making the salad usually under 150 cals for all the ingredients and the salad dressing, too. I never, ever thought that I would eat so much salad. Nor did I ever think I would enjoy making it myself almost every day. But, I do. I rarely buy pre-prepared lettuce or salad fixings because I always feel they taste somewhat chemical like and are bitter. Besides, cutting up veggies is relaxing. I am going to eat what I cut up and prepare which makes my body reap the benefits of this food prep. When I know I will have an intense and long day at work with little time to prepare my food for dinner, I make up extra lettuce and other ingredients the night before. Easy, peasy. 

Getting back on my bike has been going well.  Last week I rode 56 miles and this week I am up to 46. I am still riding on my Dutch bike rather than my road bike. Here she is all decked out for doing errands.

I ride at a very slow pace, averaging about 10 mph on most rides. My foot is responding well. The trickiest part is still getting on and off my bike. If I land too hard on my left foot, well, ouch! 

I did a little shopping today because my summer clothes are just too big. I tried on these cute orange Capri pants (below) first in a size 16 which were a little big. So, I went back and found a size 14 which I bought. I have not worn a size 14 in probably 15 years! I bought two pairs! So exciting to shop right off the "regular" rack again!

 At the college where I teach the community read this year is this book:

I just finished it. If you are looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend this one. It is the true story of the first woman to row a boat across the ocean. While it might not seem like this book has value to all of us in the weight loss community, it does. Especially for those of you like me who have failed in one-way or another over the years to get healthy. This book is about failure and recovery and is inspirational to the core. One of the websites describes the book like this:  It is about storms that twist our lives and shatter our dreams. It is about the pearls: the guides, the guardians, and the mentors who lift us up after we fall. The cover of the book tells us that this is the true story of the first woman to row a boat alone across an ocean. If you looking for a simple adventure story about a simple athlete, this book is not for you. There is nothing simple about Tori Murden McClure. 

Keep your own oars in the water as you make steady progress in your journey to become healthier. Stay strong! TTFN, Michele

Monday, July 8, 2013

Guess what?

I have started riding again!! Not my road bike, just one of my transportation bikes. My broken foot has healed to the point where I can cycle!! To be safe, I am wearing my boot especially when I need to stop and put a foot down. 

It feels so GREAT to finally be able to get outside and ride. Since I was given permission to ride, I logged 27 miles (first day 2, second day 6, third day 8 and last day 11). I will probably not ride my road bike for a while. I want to be very confident that I will not fall, plus I need to be able to get into my biking shoes.

So, after a five-week hiatus, I am finally able to get in some good cardiovascular exercise. My heart and soul are just so happy to be outdoors and sort of zipping around on a bike. I rode out near our cabin in NW WI over the Fourth of July week. The roads tend to be very quiet there, plus I do not have to worry about other cyclists that I may run into like I do in the city. So far one of my family members has accompanied me to be sure that I do not have a mishap. 
I hope you all had a great week of the Fourth! Besides getting on my bike, I spent a great deal of time with my grandbabies and several of our adult children. We spotted a number of wonderful insects including the swallowtail and several kinds of dragonflies including the blue dasher below.

I did well in terms of eating last week. Yes, I had a few treats, but I chose good and healthy foods most of the time. I have worked too hard to shed my weight to mess it up with overeating. The calories in the treats were offset by my biking.  Look forward to catching up with all of you. Stay strong this week! Michele