Sunday, June 16, 2013

Foot is healing and summer is here!

Hello Bloggers!
Last week was a pretty good week of eating. I stuck to 1200 or less calories most days. I stick to what works for me almost every day:
2 pieces of toast with PB and J for breakfast
1 cup yogurt smoothie (Greek yogurt with fruit) for mid morning snack
Lunch consist of either a large green salad or a 300 or less calorie frozen meal
Mid afternoon snack is grapes or fruit and 1 serving pretzels
Dinner is a large salad unless I had this for lunch with a serving of protein
Evening snack is a glass of milk or a frozen yogurt bar
I also kept up with my modified sit-ups and push-ups. I do them in the morning and at night before going to bed.  I am up to two sets of 25 sit-ups and ten push ups (modified) morning and night. I also am crutching around besides using my knee scooter. This is all very modified exercise being that I have a broken foot, but I still work up a sweat. This weekend we were at our cabin, which is on a small hill above our lake. I crutched up and down twice each day to get to the lake. I know my upper arm strength is improving because it is easier for me to get up and down that slope.
I saw my orthopedist on Thursday and had x-rays. My fracture is healing quite nicely. I will remain non-weight bearing for two more weeks. I can take my foot and leg out of my boot now twice a day to do some range of motion exercises. I can also go swimming. Our lake is still quite cool which felt awesome on my foot. It was nice doing the exercises in the cool water, too. If it continues to heal well I will get to ride my bike on a trainer starting on June 27! I am trying to be a model patient because I sooooo want to get on my bike!
I had two helpers with me at the cabin this weekend. I taught them how to make creamed scones. It is a very easy and delicious recipe. They did a great job as you can see.

I did not, nor will I, have a single scone. I am DETERMINED to not put back any pounds right now while I cannot exercise vigorously. The scones were a way for me to share some of my baking and cooking knowledge with these beautiful girls. You can find the recipe here if you like:
After baking the scones we all went down to the lake for a swim. 

Yeah for summer! I hope you have a great week! Stay strong in your getting healthy journey.


  1. So glad youre foot is healing!!!
    I love scones!! Ive never made them, but my best friend does!!! If I made them, Id eat way to many!!!

  2. Glad your foot is healing so good and soon back to doing what you love the most.
    Our weather is finally making summer fun. We had a great time in the BWCA. Trying to catch up with everyone and will get to post soon about it all.
    Take care Michele and have a blessed week.

  3. Glad you are healing Michele! Have a good day!