Friday, May 31, 2013

May can not get away without an update from me!

Greetings Bloggers!
I could not let my favorite month of May slip by without a post. Here is a review of what has been going. After Hawaii, I went to Barrow, Alaska to supervise a few student teachers (first week of May). The native culture is fascinating (Inupiat).

Of course it is snow and icy in Barrow even in early May. In the distance 
in the picture above is the frozen sea that surrounds Point Barrow.

Traditionally Barrow is a hunter and gathering culture although that has changed significantly in the last 50 years with the finding of local oil reserves. This was my second time to Barrow, besides supporting my students, I went to the  local cultural museum to learn more about the traditional whaling, where they wear clothing such as these.
Spring was very late coming to the Upper Midwest this year. But it finally came. The ice was out of our lake which meant we could get in our canoe. We saw a bald eagle swoop down and catch a small duckling!

Both my hubby and I celebrated our birthdays in May (thus May is my favorite month!). 
My hubby entered a new decade, too, which meant a big dance party at our cabin! 

His brother, partner and their two kids, along with my brother, hubby’s sister and their son, and our son and his wife who live in Port Townsend, WA all joined us. I knew that they were all coming, but my hubby did not. I can not tell you how fun it was to plan for our birthdays knowing that there would be so many loved ones with us on our special days.

One of my best birthday presents was weighing in on my birthday to see the scale at 168 pounds! That is exactly 45 pounds off since I started. It has been a long journey, but slow and steady is working for me. 
I was able to get in a lot of biking in the month of May, too. Including a visit to my favorite water falls, alone

I put over 275 miles on my bike this month, including a 41 mile ride on Tuesday. Tomorrow was supposed to be my first charity ride of the season, the Tour de Cure for Diabetes. But... this happened:

I broke my foot yesterday. I am in a boot and can not bare any weight on my foot for a couple of weeks. Thus, I will not be cycling for a few weeks which is a real bummer... If it heals well, I will not need a cast. But, if it doesn't I will probably get some hardware in my foot. It is not too painful as long as I do not move it.  I remain optimistic that it will heal well on it's on. So, that is the update from me: steady slow weight loss, great family events, travel, cycling, a broken bone and spring is finally here in the Upper Midwest. And the Minnesota Lynx open tomorrow night!



  1. You broke your foot! Sorry to hear that. With all my issues I haven't biked in over a year:( Right now I have something going on with my foot and haven't done any form of cardio or even yoga in weeks. So sad. Happy belated birthday.

  2. It's so good to hear from you, Michele. You have had an event month! I'm so sorry that you broke your foot. I know that it can really hamper activities.

    I loved the photos! What wonderful experiences for both you and the students. And congrats to your hubby. The ice didn't go out on our lake until about two weeks ago, and now with all the rain, planting and outdoor activities just haven't happened at home either.

    Your weigh-in is wonderful news! You surely have done amazingly well with making your lifestyle a healthy one, and now you are reaping the rewards. ...very inspirational.

    I hope you heal quickly... Maybe see you this summer??

  3. Good grief....I was all excited to see your post and read all the fun things happening, I said, "yeah, MIchele," when i read your 45 pounds total loss and then came the broken foot. Boo on that!! I, too hope it heals perfectly and you can forget a cast! Keep us posted.

  4. Like Jane our ice was still one the lake 2 weeks ago but last week it warmed up and now it's cold and rainy. I have my BWCA trip next week, wonder if we'll be canoeing or pushing our canoes across the ice. BURR!
    I'm sorry to hear about your foot but thank God it happened after all the great things. Do take care of it, rest, relax and up it goes so it can heal properly.
    Take care and have a blessed week!

  5. The birthday/dance party looks very fun. Happy belated, to both of you.
    I am very sorry about your foot! An opportunity to slow down is NOT always what we would prefer!
    Love you,
    P.S. The catalpa has some leaves, but the hard weather of the spring really was hard on it.