Sunday, March 3, 2013

How do you handle treats?

A couple of pieces of toast are one of my on the go breakfast options. I do not usually enjoy a little nutella or apricot jam (two of my favorite foods) on my toast, except on the weekend. I follow the serving size for both, carefully measure that amount out and relish every single bite.  It is a weekend treat that I look forward to. Speaking of treats, I can think of no other time in my life where I have become so consistent about planning for treats that are foods. Like I did with those two pieces of toast, I plan for them and work them into my calorie budget. They are a treat, thus for me, something that I savor occasionally, and not daily. As a matter of fact, I think that is the normal way that we should think of treats, a food item that we have once in a while. With our modern food production, treats are available to us daily in grocery stores, coffee houses and the like and of course surround us at work and maybe even at home. In earlier times, like when I was growing up, treats were just that: once-in-a-while special food item. What is different about me now is that I look at food treats as just that: once-in-a-while. When I have them, I plan for them and enjoy every morsel.
I was able to get in over 15 miles of cross-country skiing, 9 miles on my trainer and 5 miles of walking last week. My cross-country ski miles are up to 45 for 2013, which is very close to my 50 mile goal for the year. I probably have a couple of weeks left, so I believe I will easily surpass that goal. My eating was very good last week. I finally shed the few pounds that I gained over the holidays and with the three weeks traveling to the Netherlands. So, now I am really working on that 20 pound goal!
How do you handle food treats??
I leave you with a few pictures of my ski launching pad on our small lake. You can see that the snow is still quite deep. Instead of cutting my own trails I have skied on the tracks left by snow mobiles. 

Have a great week! TTFN, Michele


  1. I'm surprised you have as much of an ounce of excess weight on you with all that cross-country skiing you do! I wonder if I could even handle two minutes of that. Treats? I just eat them when I want them because, if I don't, I'll eat everything else trying to satisfy that desire. It's not so bad anymore though, as I don't crave things like I used to. Once I got rid of the gluten and sugar, cravings for treats went nearly completely away. I can't be so regimented. I've tried it and all I do is focus on the day or time or treat. My mind works against me all the time!

  2. Very good post. I am in Florida this week on vacation, so a few treats will be part of my routine. I have lost weight before by not allowing ANY treats, and when the goal was reached, I started eating the forbidden treats, and they became the source of my regain. This time, I allow myself some treats, in the hope that regain won't happen again.

    Weight can be lost with the allowance of treats if they are worked into the calorie limits. But for me, it can't be kept off, if I deprive myself totally, because the day will come when I will eat something forbidden, and I won't be able to control how much, and the cycle will begin again. This is just me...we're all different.

  3. I do allow treats from time to time, but the interesting thing is that over the past year, my definition of "treat" has completely changed. It no longer means anything sugary or buttery. Instead when I reach for a "treat," it's a cup of frozen yogurt or a bowl of fresh mango or something similar. I see where you are expecting more snow this week.

  4. Anybody that can measure out a small portion of apricot jam (mu favorite thing on toast) had great self control. I prefer it over my oatmeal artery cleansing regimen...:)

  5. I am best if I don't eat a treat of any kind because I have no self control, no matter what I think. And since I still have my monthly I get some pretty stupid cravings. This time (which is another week early) it's the salty pickles. I wish I had your self control and I know it didn't come easy for you so maybe I'll learn too.
    Keep it up Michele. I love reading your posts and all that you do. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I am lurking though.