Monday, February 11, 2013

Skiing in the city!

Snowy Day Greetings from Minnesota, Our snow fall was not as significant this past weekend as it was on the East Coast: 6-10 inches in most locations throughout the state. As a matter of fact, late falling snow on Sunday evening and Monday morning made for some ideal cross country skiing conditions. This morning I was up early and wanted to get some exercise in before heading to work. Fetched my skies and thought I would walk down to one of the near by lakes in my Minneapolis neighborhood. No need to walk. Once I got outside I realized I could just ski on the snow covered streets around the neighborhood. That is exactly what I did 1.65 miles of loops around the streets by my house. A magical way to start the day, skiing by the light of street lights in my own neighborhood! Lovely. Here is my route:
I had a good week last week with eating and exercise. I skied about 14 miles and walked 3. No biking. Too snowy. Eating was good too, not great but definitely good. Have a great week everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Stay strong! Michele


  1. Sounds lovely indeed. We haven't had a flake of snow in Seattle this winter, but we had a little getaway up in the mountains and got to take a hike on trails with hard-pack snow. Fun.

  2. Lots of snow and cold up there. Here it's usual Texas weather with rain and cold and 70s the next day! Typical. Glad you're doing well!

  3. I went skiing too, about 4 miles in the new fluffy stuff. Today I went for a hike in the sunshine and the snow was sticky.
    You are doing awesome Michele. I love reading what you've been up too.
    Mike is coming home in about 2 weeks and we are going skiing on his birthday, something we started 10 years ago as a birthday treat for us both.
    Have a great rest of the week and a blessed night sleep.

  4. Minneapolis is a lovely city and offers many recreational opportunities. You are so wise to take advantage of them.