Monday, January 21, 2013

Trainer time!

I started biking on my trainer today. I am pleased to report that it was not so bad! I only rode about 2 miles or for 10 minutes at a very lose tension, but it felt great. I simply despised getting on that trainer last winter. Given our milder winter in Minnesota overall, I was able to ride on one of my bikes through November. I also was able to ride a little less that 40 miles in the Netherlands. So, I know that my season for that trainer will be less than last year, which makes me very happy. I do know that riding on the trainer last winter helped improve my strength and stamina for when I finally was able to ride my bike outside. For one, I was able to pedal consistently without stopping. I am sure my miles on the trainer this winter will improve my readiness for the riding season!
I mentioned above that our winter has been mild so far in Minnesota. Mild except for the last two days. Today we will go down to about -25 F. Yep, that is cold. But, I welcome it. That is how we keep all the nasty critters at bay so we can enjoy the great outdoors. We call it winterkill! Before this cold snap hit, I was able to get in some more cross-country ski miles over the weekend (4 miles). It snowed a few inches, too, over the weekend as you can see in the pictures below.

Yesterday, my son and his three kids came up to the cabin. They had fun ice skating on the wind swept clear ice.
Below is my hubby with his new Dutch speed skates. 
Notice how long the blades are. They are especially made for “natural ice.”

I did pretty well last week with eating and getting back into a routine after the holidays and travel. I plan to stay between 1350-1500 calories a day. I was over a couple of times, but not by a lot.

Have a great start to your week! TTFN, Michele


  1. Please tell me how to make is so my butt and feet don't go to sleep or go numb while riding the recumbent bike? The other bike was busy the past three times I went in so use this instead. It's much easier on my knee but my butt and feet. What am I doing wrong? I did 18 miles today in a bit over an hour which on real ground would of killed me off but on flat and slight tension I can do. I also get to listen to my book which I have found to be an amazing way to forget the pedeling and enjoy someone reading to me. A bit slow, I'm sure most people have had audiobooks before but not me, my first but won't be my last. So cool!! Okay, back to my butt and
    Now you're turn :o) I am so proud of you Michele for go and doing and taking such good care of yourself. It's so much fun reading what you've been up to and how well you keep on track. Even the opps don't keep your off track, that's wonderful.
    Take care and stay inside if you can. Or at least as much as you can. This cold car, cold bus, back to cold car and again to cold bus and cold car....well I'm ready for spring but skip the mud, oh the mud in the bus! Minnesota...
    Blessings my friend.

  2. I love my trainer and wouldn't take anything for it! Glad all is well in your world!