Sunday, September 16, 2012

A new routine for breakfast and consignment shops!

Good Evening, Bloggers!
A great week and a great weekend are now behind me. Beautiful, warm weather with a hint of a cool breeze made it inviting to be outdoors. So inviting that I spent the later part of the afternoon outdoors prepping for next week’s classes. We don’t have that many days where one can easily “work” outside, so when we have them, I take them. I am over the hump of leaving summer behind and starting off another academic year.

Okay about the “new breakfast” in my heading above: Most of you know that I have kept my calories at about 1500 calories for the better part of a year.  Because I exercise mainly in the morning before work now, I eat the bulk of my calories for the day before lunch. I know I need more protein and something calorie dense in the morning, but have not found something that really appeals to me.  I eat Cliff bars when I am on long rides. They are full of dense calories (240) and high in protein (10 grams). So, I decided to try nibbling a Cliff bar for breakfast. I have done just that for one week. I am not as hungry come mid-morning and am finding that I can cut down about 200 calories a day. Plus, I do not feel sluggish or light headed. I still maintain my other foods, including several servings of both fruit and veggies, a yogurt fruit smoothie and other protein throughout the day.  I am going to continue with this breakfast regime for another week and see how it goes. Makes sense to me right now.

Consignment shops: Like most towns and cities across the US, we have a plethora of consignment shops in Minneapolis including one within walking distance in my neighborhood. I stopped in once in a while in the past but could rarely find anything that fit me. But, no more. On a recent walk I stopped in and was delighted to find a number of shirts and skirts that were just right for me. I love the great prices and the fact that I am “recycling” clothing, too. I am not much of a shopper in regular retail outfitters, but consignment shopping is definitely an adventure!

Cycling: I am also starting to get in my fall rhythm for cycling which will mean about 4 shorter rides a week and one longer one. My last long one took me round the lakes of Minneapolis, past Target Field where the MN Twins play and once again out to Minnehaha Falls. We are in drought conditions here as you can see with the mere trickle of water.
Hope you are all off to a great fall start, too! As always thanks for stopping by. Stay strong. TTFN,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Re-examining 2012 Goals in Light of A Lynx Game

Last night, hubby, two grand kids and I attended one of the most exciting games I have ever had the pleasure of attending: Mn Lynx vs Atlantic Dream (they were both in the WNBA finals last year). Midway through the second quarter we were down by 25 points. They are almost always a come from behind team, but usually that is 10 or 15 points. After the half, and I am sure a good talking to by the coach and others, they re-energized and slashed the deficit to 15 points within about 5 minutes. The crowd went wild of course. Every point they inched closer created a wave of energy in the crowd that was just wonderful to be a part of. Folks were barely sitting down. They tied the game at the end of the 4th quarter buzzer and we went into overtime. They were ahead, behind and then tied AGAIN at the end of that overtime and we went into double overtime. We won by 4 points. It was the most exciting game that I ever been to (except when Brett Favre threw a late touchdown near the end of a  game against San Francisco)! Throughout it all the crowd was electric, chewed out the refs at times, but was never belligerent nor obnoxious like I have witnessed in other sporting venues. Not only are our Minnesota Lynx women some of the finest athletes in the world, but the crowd that attends makes it a great venue for families with kids, including ours. The Lynx never gave up even when 25 points down. They inched forward one point at a time to make an exciting win!

These Minnesota Lynx and that game created a great opportunity for my own re-examination of my own weight loss and fitness goals and targets for 2012. It is now the fourth quarter of the year and plenty of time for me to hit some buckets.  With just over three months left in 2012, I am making it a priority to work harder towards the goals that I set out in January. Here is a little overview:

Goal: "Overall, I would like to be solidly into the 150’s by the end of 2012." 

I am now at 169, so I think it is doable to try to shed ten pounds before we welcome in 2013. Once I am in the 150's I will no longer be a member of the obese group. That is enough incentive for me. I really, really would like to be just "overweight." I think it will help me, too, to continue with my nutrition, fitness and wellness program at a local hospital. I have about a month left in my original program, but plan to keep going until I reach my goal weight, TBD.

Fitness Goals: 

  • 1850 miles biking
  • 450 miles walking
  • 8, 000 stairs climbed
I did not realize that I had exceeded my biking goal until I checked today. I am now at 2173 miles biked. I am going to try to reach 2700 miles. What I have not done regularly is walking. I have only about 200 miles done, so plan to try to get in another 250. I cannot climb stirs right now because of my knees, so that goal is not reachable this year.

So, as I approach the fourth quarter I am refocusing on my goals for this year. They are attainable and doable! Yes, they are! 

What about you? What are your plans for the fourth quarter??

Thanks for reading! Have a great week! Stay strong and TTFN,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Sizzle Wrap Up

Hello Bloggers!
Today is my last post for the Summer Sizzle Slimdown challenge hosted by Rochelle. I would like to thank Rochelle for designing a challenge that allowed all of us to continue to build good habits of health with weekly mini goals such as exercising 6 hours a week, embracing a fitness fear, or going low carb just for a week. From the beginning Rochelle was there to support all of us through the 14 weeks of the challenge. Thank-you, Rochelle, for your terrific leadership and support.

I had four goals for this challenge. Here is how I did:

1.     Weight loss: I lost a total of 4 pounds on this challenge, starting at 173 and ending at 169. My goal was to lose 7 pound. I did not make my target weight, but I am in the 160s, so I will take it. I re-checked my measurements and all together lost just short of an inch in waist, chest and hips. Weight loss is of course important to me, but I have to admit my main focus was on fitness and striking a balance between how much and what to eat depending on my cycling. Grade: B-
2.     Cycling: I worked all summer to prepare for the Venus de Miles ride, which I completed a week ago. That was my main goal for cycling in this summer challenge. I rode 1100 miles since the challenge began or about 90 miles per week. I stepped up my cycling to include hills and increased speed. Hills are not my favorite part of cycling, but I have learned how to spin in a steady cadence. My speed averages somewhere around 13mph depending on the terrain. So, I met all of my goals here. Grade: A
3.     Cross training: My commitment to cycling did not carry over to my cross training goals. I did do core exercises, but rarely more than once a week. I am better at push-ups, squats, lunges, and other core exercises, but I could have done better here. Grade: C
4.     Nutrition and health counseling: I am about 2/3rds of the way though my Livewell Fitness program at a local regional hospital.  I continue to log my food, record my exercise and meet with a health and well being coach, a nutrionist and a personal trainer. I learned about my own basal metabolic rate (which is 1070 calories per day), where I need to improve my overall conditioning and strength and ways to help me stay focused on health and fitness within my own life. It is with this program that I have accountability with someone else beside myself. My grade of B+ reflects my less than stellar commitment to cross training.

Picture time!

Me at 169!!
Thank-you again, Rochelle for hosting this challenge and keeping up with all of us.

My academic year started last week with a week full of meetings. We welcome students back to campus on Tuesday. I always look forward to getting to know my students and finding out who they are as people, where they are as learners and their own visions for themselves as teachers.  With the start of a new academic year it means that fall and cooler weather is on the way. I will use this first week of classes to ruminate and set goals for health and fitness targets for me for the remainder of this year.

Have a great week. Stay strong! Thanks for stopping by and TTFN,