Friday, December 7, 2012

Snow and ice and other ruminataions

Greetings Friendly Bloggers!
I write this post tonight amidst a gentle falling snow. There is nothing like a little snow to brighten one's spirits. Everything is coated with lovely snow with the most beautiful snow clinging to the trees and plants. It is like magic to me. Enjoy a few pictures of our lake just beginning to freeze.

That leaf is floating on the ice.
Now you are looking through the ice at the rocks on the edge of the lake.
Health news:
After seven weeks of coughing and what seemed like an upper respiratory virus, I finally went into see my doctor.  I was surprised to find out that I actually had a pretty bad case of bronchial asthma. I now understand why I was short of breath and could not really exercise these past many weeks. After a week with a couple of different inhalers I am way better and my cough is almost gone. Hurray!!  Finally. I hope to start slowly to get back into exercise with some walking. Now that it is snowy I probably will not be able to ride  much... 

My friend Jo's husband has just entered hospice for his esophageal cancer. Jo has bravely stood by her love. Each of her updates resonates with her love for him. I can not imagine how hard this must be. My heart is heavy for them both. Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. 

Life is short. 


  1. Michele, so glad to see your posts - I was actually thinking of you early this morning as I realized it had been awhile since you'd posted plus I knew you'd been sick. Thanks for the update! While you are enjoying that gentle snow, we are experiencing uncanny December temps here in East TN. We attended our city's Christmas parade last night in short sleeves! Odd! I'm trying to keep up with Jo as well. So sad for her! Take care!

  2. I have been thinking and praying for Jo and her dear husband. I cannot fathom what she must be going through. So glad you wrote about her and asked for prayers for them. Life is indeed short Michele.

    Stay on top of that asthma. I look forward to your lovely calming cross country skiing pics. What a long stretch of warm you all seem to be having there. The web cam on the mountain above us has been covered with ice for a couple weeks now. BRR.

    Be well. Hug those you love like you mean it.

  3. So sorry that you have had such a stubborn respiratory virus. I hope that you're on the mend now. I have been ill, but recovering for the past two weeks, and that seems long enough.

    I share your concern for Jo. Life can indeed be short and not always sweet. Take care of yourself...

  4. I feel so bad for Jo. I can't imagine losing my husband. I just can't. She is always in my prayers.
    I am so glad you finally went to the doctor and am now getting better. I hate to say it but I think I'm starting a cold. My germ factory I drive every day is filled with those little people that carry all kinds of things that want to jump on me.
    Take care Michele and have an awesome rest of the week and a blessed weekend.