Monday, November 19, 2012

New Normal and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving week!
Yesterday we had family over for dinner. While I was waiting for everything to finish cooking/baking, I started to make a batch of my smoothies. I make mine with a liter size Greek yogurt (I prefer Fage) and a bag of frozen fruit. I use the blender to blend them into a lovely, creamy mixture that is quite delicious. I love them with almost any frozen fruit, except pineapple. My serving size (a cup) has 140 calories. My daughter-in law watched me make them and decided to take a taste. Her puckered face suggested right away that they were not for her. She said it was very sour and it must be an acquired taste." Then she said something to the effect of: "Wow, what a transformation you have made!” What she meant was that I have redefined a new normal for myself.  It is now normal for me to eat my yogurt smoothies as a snack . Not so long ago my snacks consisted of something sweet or salty and frequently in the not-so-good-for-you food categories. While I still enjoy a few treats now and then, my go to snacks are smoothies and fresh fruit (apple slices right now). It is a transformation. It is my new normal. That was a wonderful and unexpected NSV.
I am slowly, slowly getting over my chest virus. Last week I finally rode a few miles (34). Not like what I was able to do before I caught this virus, but the most miles in over 6 weeks. Our weather has been unseasonably warm (today being 61!) like most of the country. Our warm temperatures have been accompanied by almost windless days, which together make for some ideal riding conditions. I am hopeful that I will get in some more good miles this week.

It is the lovely week of Thanksgiving. This year I am not worried about eating too much or going crazy with all the bounty that will be put out on the table. I will allow myself an extra 500 calories on Thanksgiving Day which will be just enough. I am very grateful that I found my way to better health, better eating and better fitness. I am not going to let the food derail me!

Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!


  1. Just catching up here after a long summer - you look great!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Happy Thankgiving Michele! How wonderful to have a little warm spell before you head into cross country skiing season!

    I think you can call it an NSV. Also that your taste has changed - the taste of sweet is different. Also an NSV I think.

  3. Happy, blessed Thanksgiving Michele. It has been such a great journey getting to know you, meeting you, spending time with you and learning from you. A true blessing for me. Take care and enjoy the new you.

  4. 34 is a "few" miles? :-) You're really a distance rider! Happy Thanksgiving Michele!

  5. How about this lovely, warm Minnesota weather! It's a gift, so we have been enjoying it as much as we can. Happy Thanksgiving, Michele, to you and your family!

  6. Love your new normal. That's a good way to measure progress. And so glad that you're getting back to riding. Go away chest virus. No fun. I saw on Daily Mile that you rode in 18 degree weather this morning (Mon). HOW do you do that?? I'm trying to talk myself into biking in 40 degree weather and planning many layers, wool socks, well covered ears and gloves. Any other suggestions?