Sunday, October 7, 2012

What I have been up to...

Here is what I have been up to over the past few weeks. First: Minnesota Lynx: 

We have had a few nail biter games in the past couple of weeks with two wins by only one point (sorry Alan about the Storm). Those women remain for me great athletes. This might sound crazy but there are times when I am watching their set plays and am astonished over the artistry of their game. Lindsay Whalen and her left hook is just about one of the most beautiful sport moments ever. They are on to the finals which will mean at least two more home games for us before this marvelous season comes to an end.

Cycling, still getting in some good miles, but have tapered off since school started and fall weather came around.
My goal right now is about 50-60 miles per week or 5 times on the bike a week. I already invested in a new pair of gloves because of our colder weather. I am looking at some warmer biking shoes than the ones that I have, too. I plan to stay out on my bike until it gets too icy.

November is coming close and so is our general election. Ellery, Hann and I attended a fundraiser for one of our local congressmen, Tim Walz. In a past life he was one of the best social studies teachers in our state. Our children were very lucky to have him and we are very fortunate that he represents us in DC. The fundraiser was at the home of a local celebrity (think Lake Wobegon), which made it even more cool.

  I continue to eat less and move more. Nothing significant to report on the weight loss front, but I keep at it.

Jo and her hubby need our thoughts and prayers right now. Stop by her blog and pass on a few words of encouragement, pretty please. She is facing some of life's tough curve balls right now.

I hope you are all doing well. Just don’t give up; remember this is a slow process and you are worth it!

Stay strong!


  1. You are a true friend in Blogville and I appreciate it more than I can express.

  2. You look so fabulous, Michele. I love it that you are a fellow Minnesotan!

  3. Hey Michele, I was about to come looking for fact, navigated to you blog a couple of days ago because I missed you, but my phone rang and I never got back to it. So good to hear from you and even though I miss my favorite bloggers when they are scarce, I love knowing they are out there living life! I don't worry about you - I just miss you! One of these days, we've GOT to attend a LYNX game together.

  4. I am keeping Jo and Hubs in my prayers. Saw your comment on her blog - terrific idea.

    Good luck to your candidate!

  5. Thanks for the tip on Jo. Yes, I was thinking "I'll bet Michele is there" every time I heard about Storm vs. Lynx. Congrats. We've had our share of success with the Storm. A little connection I have is that I worked closely with mother of the Storm's play-by-play voice for the past ten years.

    Funny about the fundraiser. I used to be compared to Garrison K. and Stephen King. More like GK, actually. Not so much with my beard now, though.

  6. Good night Michele. Just about reading and visiting tonight. I so love the pictures you shared.
    Next spring I am getting out my bike and will be riding it between runs with the bus. It's to far to drive home each day so will start riding and see where it will get me. Kim lives just 2 miles from the garage so it will be perfect for a start. I do still want a new bike but not now.
    Take care Michele and have a blessed weekend!

  7. Hey, guess what. Yesterday while "sorta" lost taking my parents to North Memorial Hospital we sorta missed our turn a long ways back and ended up on Cedar and then it was detoured and then along came Minnehaha Park and where you and I biked and ..... well the planes over head and ...well we weren't lost, I could find us on the map I just didn't get us to where we needed to be without a detour through my parents growing up land. Anyways, I thought about you and almost called your for directions but knew you would be in school.
    My mom's only sister had a heart attack and was in a bad way so brought mama down to see her for that just in case last visit. My mama sister will be okay, in a bit. Thought you'd want to know why we were "lost" in your area.
    Take care Michele. Blessings!