Saturday, September 8, 2012

Re-examining 2012 Goals in Light of A Lynx Game

Last night, hubby, two grand kids and I attended one of the most exciting games I have ever had the pleasure of attending: Mn Lynx vs Atlantic Dream (they were both in the WNBA finals last year). Midway through the second quarter we were down by 25 points. They are almost always a come from behind team, but usually that is 10 or 15 points. After the half, and I am sure a good talking to by the coach and others, they re-energized and slashed the deficit to 15 points within about 5 minutes. The crowd went wild of course. Every point they inched closer created a wave of energy in the crowd that was just wonderful to be a part of. Folks were barely sitting down. They tied the game at the end of the 4th quarter buzzer and we went into overtime. They were ahead, behind and then tied AGAIN at the end of that overtime and we went into double overtime. We won by 4 points. It was the most exciting game that I ever been to (except when Brett Favre threw a late touchdown near the end of a  game against San Francisco)! Throughout it all the crowd was electric, chewed out the refs at times, but was never belligerent nor obnoxious like I have witnessed in other sporting venues. Not only are our Minnesota Lynx women some of the finest athletes in the world, but the crowd that attends makes it a great venue for families with kids, including ours. The Lynx never gave up even when 25 points down. They inched forward one point at a time to make an exciting win!

These Minnesota Lynx and that game created a great opportunity for my own re-examination of my own weight loss and fitness goals and targets for 2012. It is now the fourth quarter of the year and plenty of time for me to hit some buckets.  With just over three months left in 2012, I am making it a priority to work harder towards the goals that I set out in January. Here is a little overview:

Goal: "Overall, I would like to be solidly into the 150’s by the end of 2012." 

I am now at 169, so I think it is doable to try to shed ten pounds before we welcome in 2013. Once I am in the 150's I will no longer be a member of the obese group. That is enough incentive for me. I really, really would like to be just "overweight." I think it will help me, too, to continue with my nutrition, fitness and wellness program at a local hospital. I have about a month left in my original program, but plan to keep going until I reach my goal weight, TBD.

Fitness Goals: 

  • 1850 miles biking
  • 450 miles walking
  • 8, 000 stairs climbed
I did not realize that I had exceeded my biking goal until I checked today. I am now at 2173 miles biked. I am going to try to reach 2700 miles. What I have not done regularly is walking. I have only about 200 miles done, so plan to try to get in another 250. I cannot climb stirs right now because of my knees, so that goal is not reachable this year.

So, as I approach the fourth quarter I am refocusing on my goals for this year. They are attainable and doable! Yes, they are! 

What about you? What are your plans for the fourth quarter??

Thanks for reading! Have a great week! Stay strong and TTFN,


  1. My weight goal each year revolves around October 1 rather than year end because that is the day in 2006 when I originally took control of my weight for what I'd hoped would be the last time. I lost 60 pounds and was at goal weight on 10/1 of 2007, 2008 & 2009, but not 2010 or 2011. I am happy to say I am at goal now and most definitely will be on October 1. My other primary goal is my miles hiked each year and again, good news there. Like your biking goal, I'm already within reach of my hiking goal and prime hiking season is just now kicking in, so that goal will have to be increased. Love the analogy with the Lynx. Happy to say some of beloved former Lady Vols are part of that team. Would love to see them play!

  2. Sometimes it is good to take stock and refocus. I know you can do whatever you set your mind to, because look how far you've come already!

  3. Great post. You make me want to get up there and root for the Lynx! Love your spirit. I hit <30 BMI this week. It's a great feeling. I want to keep going tho, like you. I still have fitness and weight goals to reach this year.

  4. I want to lose what I gained this summer, finish up my walking challenge and survive two bus driving runs and no kids in my house (this one is the hardest I think, I'm use to always having them here.
    Good luck with your goals. I know you can do them.
    Blessings Michele.

  5. I'll have to think about what my fourth quarter goals are! I love the idea of continually refocusing and refining.

  6. Definitely going to get to 199...and stay there. That is so doable!! Been so close so many times!! Also, I would like to do a running event every month. Got one scheduled in October. Thinking about the Turkey Trot in November and there's a really fun one in December.

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  7. Wow, that's great that you've already smashed your biking goal! Good idea trading the Vikings for the Lynx. :-)

  8. Hey Michelle!

    I hope you remember me! I am brining back "The Heavy Man's Diary!" I hope you can stop by the site soon .... Hope to hear back from you soon!

    -The Heavy Man