Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding, 2000 foot climb and update

Hello Bloggers!
We are finishing up a magnificent week of vacation in the lovely state of Oregon. We came to the Bend area of Oregon for the wedding of my goddaughter, Liana to Vicente. It was a fabulous celebration and we are all very happy for the couple.
Here is my hubby and I with the parents of the bride 
(my brother and my hubby's sister) and the bride in the background.
After the wedding we played quite a bit in the area's natural amenities including the Deschutes River (above) and area lakes. The house where we stayed had a number of bikes that I road almost every morning along that river.

Elk Lake
Like I wrote last week, I did rent a good road bike for the weekend after the wedding. Yesterday I rode a short 10 miler just to get used to the bike. Today, I got up early and set out on my real ride: a 30.5 mile ride up toward Mt Bachelor and back down. I chose this particular route because it mimics closely the assent that I will face when I ride the Venus in two weeks. I rode from 3933 feet to 5827 feet in altitude with an elevation increase of 4254 feet up and 2590 feet down. It was quite a ride. I went slow (average of 8.5MPH on the 9 miles of ascent), but I did it. I was scared going down at one point getting up to 38.77 MPH. Here is a picture of my target: Mt Bachelor as I began my assent.
You can see in this one that I am much closer and 2000 feet higher in altitude!!
Here is a graph of my climbs:

1.     Weigh in: I won’t weigh in now until the beginning of September so nothing to report here.
2.     Calories: I kept track of my calories only 3 out of 7 days this past week. I never binged or ate crazy on the other days, but I definitely was over my 1500 calories. I am okay with that, too, and know that I will bring the calories down once my vacation is over.
3.     Exercise: For being away from home, I think I did pretty good with exercise. My weekly total was over 80 miles, including that hard ride today.

I did not participate in the weekly challenge last week. Overall, my last week was reasonable considering I was on vacation. We cooked many of our meals which made it easy for me to eat more than my share of salads and fresh veggies and fruits. My down fall was ice cream and cake from both the bridal shower and the wedding. But those special occasions are now behind me. I am confident this week will see me back to my usual habits. 

Hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Look forward to catching up with all of you! Have a great week! TTFN,


  1. Great photo of you and your husband! I'm so glad you enjoyed your week of vacation. It's important to enjoy what we do!

  2. Welcome home. We were in the NW last week too. Beautiful. Congrats on maintaining your healthy lifestyle during your time in Oregon. I'm very impressed with your biking to that MOUNTAIN. Amazing.

  3. Beautiful bride! I know she was so glad to have you there for her wedding. And what gorgeous scenery to look at while you ride your bike. It probably distracts you from how hard you're pedaling!

  4. That's such a great picture. We stayed in Bend on our recent trip. What a lovely area. You continue to inspire me as usual. So ready for football starting up again!

  5. Just catching up on your blog :) Glad you had a good weekend! Good luck with week 11 :)

  6. Ah, vacation fun... looks like a grand time was had. Ice cream and cake, nothing you can't enjoy on an active vacation.


  7. Oh I love those pictures Michele. Love them!!! I miss the mountains. You really are awesome and I know that you will do amazing on your bike challenge coming up. I can't wait to hear about it.
    Take care and have a great week. Sorry it took me so long to get here and catch up but so glad I did.

  8. What beautiful scenery to accompany you on your ride! Sounds like you had an amazing (and active!) vacation. Those ice cream and cake calories were torched so no worries there! Hope you have a great week this week. I cannot wait to hear about your Venus de Miles ride!

  9. You your sibling and hub's sibling are married? I love that! You captured such a cute look on both the bride and groom's faces. What a treat.

    It is good to keep calories in proper perspective during vacations and celebration and your talk about it I think very helpful and realistic. No crazy eating, no feeling left out.

    I love the Bend area. We go thru there often while tooling around in our casita looking for fun places to hike. My eyebrows raised reading about the bike ride. You are one dedicated lady. I sorta laughed at the blithe talk of a short 10 miler. You are a master of understatement Michele.