Sunday, July 29, 2012

Women's cycling in the rain; cycling with a friend and summer sizzle update 8

Greetings on a rainy Sunday in Minnesota!

Do you like to watch the Olympics? Me, too. Especially the cycling (no surprise, huh?). Today, a Dutch women, Marianne Vos, won the gold medal in the 87 mile road race in the rain!! Yeah, Duchies.

I figured if the women cyclists could ride in the rain today, so could I. My son met me on the Minnehaha trail where we did a quick twenty miler during the middle of the women’s race above. It rained the entire time we were out as you can see in the picture.
I need to ride in rain so I am prepared for Boulder, just 4 weeks away. It was a gentle rain and warm (70 degrees F). Plus, it was super fun to know that while I was doing my twenty, those women athletes were doing an 87 mile course. Kept me going hard with one of my own best times of 13.59mph.

Speaking of riding buddies, Julie, came down to Minneapolis yesterday. We enjoyed our time together immensely. Julie does not cycle much (yet!!), but always wanted to see the Minnehaha Falls. No better way than a 12 mile roundtrip ride from my house on one of Minneapolis’ signature trails and part of the Grand Rounds trial system.
Julie rode my very comfy bike (Myrtle)
It was an enjoyable ride for both of us, full of conversation with a little sight seeing along the trail, too. Julie was able to see first hand just how many people use these trails on a wonderful and sunny Saturday afternoon. I am guessing we passed by a couple of hundred cyclists while we meandered through the trails. Families with Burleys in tow, folks riding tandems, road cyclists, cycling clubs, folks on the Nice Ride bike rentals and plenty of single riders out on just about any kind of bicycle. Julie did so well I think she is thinking of getting another bike that fits her better than the one she currently owns.
As my bike fitter says: “you should never ride in pain.” If you do, the bike does not fit you properly.

All of us weight loss bloggers share a common bond, right? Well, that was certainly true of meeting up with Julie. We share that getting healthy and fit bond, but so much more. You are right, Sharon, there is nothing like meeting a fellow blogger in REAL time.

How about another update from:

1. Weigh in: I will weigh in next on August 5, so nothing new to report here. I am excited though because I know I broke into a new decade last week (the 160s).

2. Calories: I was consistent with my calories this past week, although only 5/7 days were under 1500.

3. Exercise: I biked 114 miles last week. All of my rides were shorter, most between 15-22 miles. I worked on my time, pace and from this week.

Rochelle challenged us to face a fitness fear. I don’t really have any fears about exercise or fitness activities. My only fear is getting injured. I face this everyday while cycling and try hard to listen to my body. I also face my fear of getting injured by working on my core and upper body strength. I am getting better and stronger doing crunches, modified push ups, squats and others. I feel that strength, too, when I am cycling.

What’s on tap for me for week nine?

Exercise: I will continue to work on time, pace and form doing the next week, at the same time I will shoot for one long ride of about 50 miles with hills. I plan to did some more stairs, too, and of course continue with my strengthening exercises.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week! Stay strong!  TTFN, Michele


  1. How awesome that you and Julie met up in person and got to share your passion for cycling!!! I have to admit that I thought of you as I did my 5 mile ride yesterday...I have a long way to go before I can consider "distance rides" but I loved the short ride we took and can see how you have become so dedicated to it - which inspires me to keep going. Thanks for always inspiring me and others to stay true to ourselves and our fitness/health goals - and for being such a wonderful cheerleader!

  2. I biked in the rain last weekend and quite enjoyed it. I was a little cautious--didn't wear my bike shoes and took the hybrid rather than the road bike--but it was fun. Glad you got to bike with a blog friend. I've enjoyed my meet-ups with a few blog friends over the years. You'll let me know if you come out this way, no??

  3. About a mile and a half of my hike last Monday was in a gentle rain. It was heavenly! Was afraid humidity would shoot up to 200% once rain let up, but it never got unbearable. I agree with you - it's kind of nice!

    I am so jealous that you are going to Boulder. Love that town and love riding a bike in it. Don't know what days you'll be there or if you'll have any extra time, but if on a Saturday, don't miss the farmer's market. And park somewhere AWAY from the market and ride your bike along the Boulder Creek Path to get to it. It's wonderful.

  4. Sorry that I couldn't meet up with you two. Love the photos! I'm starting to feel better, but not "bike ready" yet. Have a great week!

  5. Thank you again Michele for such a great time. And yes, I can see with the right bike how biking isn't as bad as I thought. I wonder how my knee/leg would do if I took it up all the time. Hummm, it's a thought.
    You really are doing so awesome and look so beautiful.
    Good luck this week. I know you will be awesome!!
    Blessings my friend!

  6. A quick 20 miles, in the rain? You are getting hard core! I was at my son's baseball tournament this weekend for 3 days out of town, so missed the bike race in the Olympics. Bummer.

  7. 114 miles WOWZERS that is incredible!! Congrats No doubt that will be seen in your weigh in! I am very impressed!!