Sunday, July 29, 2012

Walk about 5KM

My friend Julie hosted a virtual 5km on or around July 27 where you could bike, run, or walk. Since I already cycle I thought I would try walking. For me this would be not just any walk either, but a walk with a destination in mind: my favorite local grocery store, Kowalski's, only a walking mile form my house. A 5km is about 3.10 miles. That meant I had to be a little creative in the route I took. Here is a visual of part of my route so you can see what I did to make a two mile round trip into a 5KM:

As I walked, I could not help but notice how many curb/boulevard strips were planted in wildflowers. I decided to document the various small gardens along the streets as I walked. 
Here are some of the beautiful gardens I walked along.

Most of the streets in my neighborhood are
 treelined which made for great shade and sun protection as I walked.

My meandering totaled over two miles which was exactly what I hoped.
I knew I would not meander any on my way home.

Koawalski's is my favorite grocery store not just because it is close, but because it has the best produce outside of a farmers market and a wide variety of excellent foods and other goodies.
 I also love the smaller size and ambiance.
I was strategic in selecting the bags I would take home. I knew I would sling them over my shoulder as I walked straight home with NO meandering on the way back. That was indeed a heavy load as I walked along. I was curious as to what the weight of the bags and content were so I weighed them when I got home. I bought mostly veggies, fruits and some bread that totaled about 30 pounds. I was astonished. Not just that the groceries weighed that much but I had shlepped those bags that whole mile home. I am not sore at all.

What I also thought is how it was little more than 1 year ago that I was carrying an extra 30 pounds on my body. Carrying those bags was a good reminder as to how my weight weighed me down both literally and figuratively. Before I started on this journey, it was just plain hard to move my body. I had no stamina and little strength. That is not the case anymore as you all know. But that reminder is important and profound. We weigh down our bodies both physically and emotionally by dragging around those extra pounds. Each and every day. Take care of yourself. Move more. Eat less. I am worth it.  You are worth it.

Thank-you, Julie, for hosting this virtual 5KM!



  1. How ironic that your example was 30 pounds which is exactly what I've just lost. In the grocery store a few weeks ago, I picked up a 20 pound and 10 pounds bag of potatoes just to see how heavy it felt. Decided right then I never wanted to carry that much around on my body again. It amazes me now that I was able to do as much as I did.

  2. You did a great post on your 5k. I love how you showed the route that you took. I love wild flowers and always stop to take pictures here when I see them.
    30 pounds is a lot of groceries to carry for a mile. I'll bet that was a surprise to you when you weighed them at home. Awesome job on your weight loss and healthy eating.
    I also joined the 5k challenge. I'm including my link if you wanted to take a peek.

    hope to read more from your blog.


  3. Nice 5k report, flowers everywhere!

    I sure have a few grocery bags I'd like to lose.


  4. I LOVE the photos of the flowers Michele. And yay on the 5K!

  5. Just goes to show you how strong and fit you are!! Way to go!! Love the pictures!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  6. Wow, Michelle, beautiful pics and LOVE the virtual challenge...hmmm. I plan to restart my walks tomorrow am, first thing...
    Just trying to catch up on my blog reading!