Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Sizzle Slimdown!

One challenge finishes and another one begins. That is the power of the weight loss blogging community! Rochelle is hosting this new challenge for summer. To start this challenge, I need to post a few pictures. Ready??

Up close!
My biking splendor (note that great brilliant orange top!)
Side view
I also took my measurements, although I will not post those here. Rochelle has designed this challenge for 14 weeks (June 3 to September 2, 2012). Each week will feature a weekly challenge.

I have four goals for this challenge:

1.     Weight loss: I would like to lose 7 pounds. Across the 14 weeks of the challenge that is .5 pound per week. That is doable and realistic for me. I will weigh in and take my measurements on July 1, August 5 and September 2.
2.     Cycling: My last cycling event is the Venus de Miles in Boulder, Colorado on August 26. I am planning to ride the 67 miler route that features an elevation increase of 2500 feet. One of my goals for this challenge is to increase my stamina and strength for hills by doing at least two sets of hills per week. I plan to increase my mileage per ride, too, so that I average about 20 miles per ride (about 1.3 hours). Finally, I would like to increase my speed to 14.5 MPH.
3.     Cross training: In this goal I will target my core exercises, plus, I would like to begin using weights. I would like to take at least one longer walk (more than 2 miles), including stair work, at least once a week.
4.     Nutrition and health counseling: There is a program at one of our major local hospitals called the Live-Well Fitness program. This program features personal nutrition consultation, wellness coaching, personal trainer session, fitness evaluation and consultation and weekly education sessions. One of my goals for the summer is to begin this program (12 weeks).

So, there you have it. I wish you all well in this new challenge. TTFN, Michele


  1. Michele, your progress is amazing, and I love your photos! You look great, and your goals for this challenge very good ones! Can you also tell me about the Live-Well Fitness program? Which hospital sponsors this? It sounds like a very good program.

  2. Michele,
    So happy you are doing this challenge! I have to say, I love your pictures because I can see how happy, confidant and radiant you are! You have some excellent goals mapped out for this challenge. I like the fact that you have some new fitness goals already lined up. Best of luck!

  3. Best of luck for the challenge. Love the orange!

  4. You do so well on the challenges. I wish I could do them, but I sabotage my efforts for some reason. I live your goals and think .5 lbs a week on your 1500 cals and exercise is completely doable!

    Now. My GOSH. Look how you have slimmed down (yes all over)especially significantly on your high waist! Yowza. And how flat your stomach has gotten. High five lady! Fit AND thinning.

  5. I think you look so fit in that top! Good luck in your challenge! :D

  6. Just got caught up.
    Congrats on the bike ride..impressive. Colorado will be a challenge but I think you will accomplish it no probs!! Love the orange shirt by the way.

  7. I love your goals Michele. You are so awesome on your bike riding. I can't wait...well no hurry for summer to go by hear about your ride in Colorado.
    I'm not sure what I want to lose in this challenge but as long as that scale and my clothes get back to fitting better...that's my plan.
    I need to find a program to use at home to strenghten my core. There's got to be something out there.
    Good luck Michele. Thanks for stopping by. Take care and have a blessed week.
    Oh by the way, you are beautiful. You have come so far since we met last summer. WOW!!!

  8. Love the biking gear! I think you look great!! As soon as I'm back home I'll join this challenge properly ... Just wanted to say good luck!! Looking forward to more stories of success :)

  9. hello beautiful new friend and challenger! I love the orange top. LOVE IT! Your goals are fantastic. I so look forward to reading as you strive to reach them! :)