Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer, early morning biking and week 3 Summer Sizzle

Happy Summer! 
Today marks 37 years of being a parent for me. I started out with a splash by having twins. Identical. Nothing quite like parenting twins. We are lucky to live nearby most of our adult children. Birthday boy, Jacob, surprised me by coming over about 6am for a birthday ride (on a Saturday!). He rode with me on my BD last month, so why not ride with him. We started out on my signature bike trail to Minnehaha Falls. Here are our two bikes at the Falls!

Jacob and I, June 23, 2012
Another view of the top of the roaring falls. 
We had several inches of rain last week so the water is moving strong. 

Jacob left after 11 miles to go home to his family and I continued on for another 13. I am proud to say those boys are great human beings. Really cool to be part of their lives as adults especially watching them parent. Good stuff. We celebrated the BD by going to a Lynx game (what else but sports!). Not the clearest picture, but you get the idea of the fun we had.
And in case you are wondering the 2011 WNBA champs 
are are 12 and 1 with that one loss to Seattle, Alan! 

Week three of the Summer Sizzle challenge is now behind me! Rochelle challenged us to try a new piece of exercise equipment or new exercise. My personal trainer recommended that I get an exercise ball, which I purchased last week. She showed me how to use the ball to do squats with the ball.  It sounds kind of strange: I place the ball on a wall and lean into it backwards with my butt.  I can tell you they are hard! I can feel my gluts, hamstrings and quads each and every time I do it. The ball came with a DVD of other exercises to do, too. I am guessing there are many more stretching and strengthening activities that I can do with it. So, Rochelle, I made this mini-challenge! 

 How about the rest of my goals?

1. Weigh loss: Weigh in is On July 1 so nothing to report here. 

2. Cycling: I completed 86 miles of cycling as of Saturday June 23. I will probably get in another 12 on Sunday, which will put me just under 100 miles for last week. Pretty good. Cross training: I did my core exercises 4/7 times, walked up my favorite set of stairs twice (at 200 steps) and walked 2 miles. 

3. Nutrition and health counseling: I met with a wellness coach last week. Molly and I talked about my wellness vision, my strengths and resources, my values, possible challenges and strategies for overcoming the strategies. I set some goals, too. Overall, I am well on my way to be “well!!” For the next two months I am concentrating on losing another 5-6 pounds and of course training for the Venus at the end of August. She sees me as a very highly motivated person, which is probably not too big of a surprise to anyone of you reading this blog. I waited too long to become well and I am doing it! 

So, how about you: are you doing it? 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Thanks for your support. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Stay strong! TTFN, Michele


  1. You continue to inspire me Michele! Happy anniversary of giving birth!

  2. Happy kid's birthday--i always thought the mama shd be the one celebrated! Nice of your son to surprise you w a ride together. You look fabulous in that picture. Your face has really gotten slender and how in the world do you get your hair to look cute while sporting a bike helmet??

    Yes, I'm doing it, too. And it feels great!

  3. I think being a mom is my greatest accomplishment:)

  4. Wow, I'm noticing that our kids' birthdays mark our eras as much as anything. Cool your "little guy" joined you for a bike ride!

  5. One of the great benefits I have from dropping some weight and getting more fit is being able to participate actively with my children, their spouses and the grand children.

    Good on you!

  6. Yey for you Michele! I love the fact that you met this challenge head on (with your usual aplomb!) And what a list of other awesome activities you fit in as well. What a nice way to spend your son's b-day!
    Sounds like you received some excellent counseling and have your goals lined up! I know you will get there! Motivation is your middle name!

  7. So lovely that your son joined your for a bike ride! What a great way to spend the day together :)
    You're definitely motivated - and motivating!!
    Good luck with this week :)