Sunday, June 10, 2012

Minnesota Lynx and first week of Sizzling Summer Challenge!

Greetings Bloggers!
A little Minnesota sports news to start today: Our Minnesota Lynx Women’s Basketball team remains undefeated at  9 and 0!  Ellery (7), Noah (2) and I attended a game last week, including a free ride to and from the game using Metro Transit!

Nice to live in a city with great public transportation. Those Lynx women remain, in my book, great role models, playing hard on the field and keeping out of trouble and involved in the community off the field.

My first week of the Summer Sizzle Slimdown challenge was great!!  Our first weekly challenge was to log all our food. I have been logging all my food for over a year so for me this was a cinch. I know that tracking each and every week has been one of the tools for my success in my health and fitness journey. I use a simple paper and pencil system that works great for me.

It folds easily and goes with me everywhere (can you see all the splotches on it??). I stayed at about 1500 calories on 5/7 days. One of my high calorie days was my 24.63 mile ride. 

How did I do on my other goals?
  1. Weight loss: Won’t weigh in for another three weeks so nothing to report here  
  2. Cycling: I allowed myself a little well needed rest this first week since I just completed the Tour de Cure. I did ride 5/7days for 64 miles, however, most of my rides were fairly slow. I did do hills twice though!
  3. Cross training: I did my core exercises 4/7 times, walked up my favorite set of stairs several times (at 300 steps) and went swimming three times   
  4. Nutrition and health counseling: I started The Live-Well Fitness program at one of our major local hospitals. There are three parts to this 14 week program of nutrition, fitness and wellness. I only completed one part of the initial screening, the fitness test and I am already learning a great deal about my body. First of all both my aerobic index and endurance are good (I had my first treadmill test). Where I need improvement is in my flexibility and strength (I could only do 4 push ups!!) as well as my body composition. For my height and age my body composition is 47.9 % fat. This is a much more accurate measure of an individual’s overall health then BMI according to my exercise physiologist. To measure my body’s percent fat, I climbed into a little chamber called the “BOD POD” where sophisticated technology calibrated air displacements around my body to determine my percentage of body fat. 

"The BOD POD uses whole body densitometry to determine body composition (fat vs. lean)" according to this link . "Similar in principle to underwater weighing, the BOD POD measures body mass (weight) using a very precise scale, and volume by sitting inside the BOD POD. Body density can then be calculated. "

My ideal percentage body fat is between 28-32. This means that I have a weight differential of 40 pounds, meaning I need to lose another 40 pounds or covert more of my body mass to lean muscle to be at a healthy and normal weight for my age and height. I also learned that my target heart rate is 126-142 to get the most out of my work outs and challenge my heart in the healthiest way. Next week I will meet for nutrition counseling and a few more tests. I can tell already that this program is a great fit for me. 

Looking forward to checking in on my fellow summer sizzle challengers! Have a great week moving forward in your own fitness and health journey. Thanks for stopping by and TTFN, Michele


  1. You are looking great. Hooray for the Lynx!

  2. Did I tell you that you are looking like you are going thru age regression looks wise? No? Consider yourself told. Jeesh - you could be the mama of those chicos adoribles. Hooray!

    I need a pod - just to deal with my extra fat under my eyes.

    Go gators baseball world series! Goin' to Omaha Y3! Next... national champs!

  3. So cool that you gt to use a BODPOD!!! I just saw that on the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss show. I am sure that program you are participating in will be extremely informative and motivating. You already are so dedicated to losing weight and being fit and healthy!
    Way to go on the biking and logging! I am glad you had an easy week and I have no doubt you will do awesome again this week.

  4. Note to Sharon: When you visit Michele, go during Womens BB season so we can attend a Lynx game together!!

    Thanks to a walking study I completed in 2006 at the University of Tennessee, I have lifetime access to their exercise physiology equipment and that includes the BOD POD. This was a good reminder to have that fat percentage checked again!

    Have a good week!

  5. Having accurate numbers is so much better than generalized numbers such as BMI and calculated heart rate zones.
    I would do much better if I was as consistent as you in logging my food. You'll nail this challenge for sure!

  6. That sounds so awesome. Up here, not going to have but just maybe one day you can take me for something like that for a day thing. Just a thought.
    You are doing so great Michele. It has been such a treat getting to know you, watch you do what you set your mind to and become the healthy woman you want to be. You are beautiful!!
    Have a blessed week. Week 2, here we come!!

  7. Wow! They really do a great job with gathering information. I've never heard of the BodPod! Also loved the photos! You and granddaughter look great! I wish I would have known about the Summer Sizzle Challenge! Oh well, I'm on track without it, but it sounds like fun! Sometime I would love to get together with you and fellow Minnesotan, Julie!

  8. WOW, your exercise is unreal, you have been going so strong!
    I suppose the BodPod is an accurate way of finding out the numbers, I would be too scared I wouldn't fit in that thing LOL. Great week 1, best of luck for a successful week 2!

  9. I've never heard of the BodPod - cool! Sadly, I am short and 166 pounds is on the obese side - I just need to get my exercise mojo back - as soon as I skip a couple days its hard to get back on track.

  10. Great thaat you can use the BodPod. I just know all these charts and such that we use are incorrect. They don't seem to take into consideration our age and other health issues.

    And (smile) your journal looks a lot like mine. Pencil and paper, baby. I find those apps tedious and they don't have the kind of "clean" food I eat made in my own kitchen with the recipe different every time.

    You are still putting me to shame with the exercise. But - I at least I am out there now, doing something every day. Yay for us!

  11. You are doing awesome!! Keep up the great work and stay focused!!