Monday, May 21, 2012

MN Lynx, a fall and RFS update

Today I begin with a picture of Ellery standing with one of our favorite Minnesota Lynx players Seimone Augustus. The WNBA champs opened their season yesterday and some of my family and I were on hand to take it in. They scorched the Phoenix Mercury with a score of 105 to 83. Looks like a fun season!

What was not so fun last Friday is that I had my first real fall on my bike. I was going uphill and approaching an intersection. I clipped out, but did not move my foot enough and I clipped right back in while I was losing momentum. I panicked a little which made it impossible for me to clip out, so I knew I was going to fall and did. Squarely on my handlebars. Lucky for me I only have some dark bruises on my chest and abdomen where I hit my handlebars. I actually BENT my bars with the fall so much that I had to buy a replacement.  Lesson learned: clip out way before you have to stop….

Week eight of the Ready For Summer Challenge is now behind me. Here is my update.

 1. Weight loss: My weight loss goal is to lose 7 pounds. I did check my weight this week and am happy to report that I finally lost those few pounds I gained over winter, plus one additional pound. I am now one pound under my lowest weight in many, many years: 172!

 2. NSV (Non-Scale Victory): Definitely going to the game and having no diet soda or any other snack or food. I brought some yogurt with berries and that was enough!

3. Exercise: As far as my three targets for this goal:

 a. Improving my strength and stamina. This week I rode 112 miles over 5/7 days! All of my rides were on flats.

 b. My second target is to work on my cycling distance. My longest ride now is at 47 miles. It was not my best ride being that my little accident happened at mile 42, plus it was very windy.

c. Increasing my speed: My average speed still is around 13 MPH. I am regularly riding at 15-17 MPH when the wind is “just right.”

 d. Cross training: Last week I skipped out some on this and only got in 3/7 days.

4. Nutrition: I stayed under 1500 calories on 6/7 days.

For week eight my goals were to:

a. Do hills twice (nope)
b. Ride a 50 miler (47 but not 50)

Since I did not meet either of my goals last week I will make these my mini goals for week nine.

Looking forward to catching up with all of you! Thanks for stopping by. Stay strong and TTFN,


  1. So sorry to hear about your fall. Falling is a scary proposition--I took a bad fall last year, but not on my bike. I was to get back on my bike this year, but I a bit hesitant. I'm working on it!

    Congrats on your continuous progress! You're doing it right! And Yay!! for our Minnesota Lynx! And haven't we had a lovely spring!

  2. I don't know what's worse. Falling, having someone see you fall or admitting to anyone that you fell. I have the experience of all three. I guess the third one is the best because you sometimes get sympathy. That is better than humiliation and the laughter that accompany the first two.

    I am glad that it didn't turn out too serious and other than that you have tons to be proud of! You are the most consistent person I know when it comes to your health. Keep up the great and steady progress you are making!

  3. Ouch! Steep hills scare me for that reason. It is too hard to unclip on them so if you can't get your feet around...

  4. Congrats on the weight loss. Sorry about the fall. Glad you weren't hurt badly. Keep up the good work. Learning from mistakes=success.

  5. Congrats on the loss.
    Ouch on the fall!
    Keep up the good work :)

  6. Hey Michle, you're a rock star. Congrats on your cycling goals and progress. I'm sorry for your fall and totally sympathize. Yes, early release is good. And kudos on your weigh in, too. Love that the clothes are showing your progress. I'm drafting along right behind you. Real progress on the exercise and weight loss fronts. Best of luck on your upcoming race!

  7. I read your posts and I get a sense of well being. OK except for the fall and bruises. After that. No breaks? No lost teeth? No gust on the pavement? I think that was a successful fall with a lesson learned tossed in!

    With all the exercise I wonder if your about the changes in your figure. Like you may be to 172, but I bet that 172 looks a lot better than old 172 even if it was years ago. Plus muscles weigh more than fat right?

    You are very inspiring. Yogurt and berries at the game? Won't power extraordinaire.

  8. Oh so sorry about your fall and glad not any worse. Exactly the reason I don't do those. Not worth the risk for me.

    Funny how it's hard to get past the college rivalries. Simone was an SEC nemesis to my UT Lady Vols for four years and I still cringe every time I see or hear her name!

  9. I truly love biking but I am afraid of falls, especially when I go fast downhill. When I train with a group I am usually one of the first to the top of the hill and the last one to the bottom.
    Congrats on your weight loss. Keep at it.!

  10. Sorry to hear about your fall, sounds painful :(
    Looks like you're doing really well - congrats on hitting your lowest weight :)

  11. OUCH!!! That is what frightens me about those clip ons. I'm not always the faster or most prepared for stuff and know for sure I'd really get hurt. Sorry to hear you did too.
    You are doing so awesome Michele. CONGRATS!!! I need to get back into the swing of it all too. This is my first real week tracking and exercising. A start, again.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  12. Owie on the fall. I have only JUST switched over to clips. My first outing was the Fat Tire Festival (Mountain Bike!) and of course I set to the trails, nervous as all getout about falling. And I did, a few times. You learn pretty quick to get those feet out fast! I had one tremendously bad fall, taking a handlebar to the chest. I booked it to first aid as soon as I got back to the trailhead and walked around the rest of the day with an icepack in my bra. :) The bruises are horrendous, but starting to fade now a week and a half later.

    Lowest Weight Ever = WOW!!!! Way to go!

  13. Awesome weight loss!! "Lowest weight!" -- Congrats!
    Sorry to hear about the fall -- take care of yourself!
    Good luck in week 9!

  14. *Happy Dance* Congrats on your lowest weight, way to go!!!
    Please be careful on that bike!