Sunday, May 27, 2012

BD ride, Six Days and Counting until the Tour and Update Nine for RFSC!

Greetings Bloggers!
On my bike ride this morning, I spotted that beautiful turtle (above) crossing the road. I had to double back to snap a quick picture. 

Speaking of riding,  yesterday, I got a glimpse of a BLACK BEAR while riding on the road in NW WI. He or she was a beauty. Dark black fur that to me looked silky soft and a large brown snout. She turned around and trotted off as she heard me on the road. It all happened so fast I did not even think to grab my camera.  I have never seen a bear that close.

I celebrated my birthday last week by completing a 58 mile bike ride the morning of my birthday (can you guess how old I am?). I started from home, looped around Minneapolis proper twice (including twice under Target Stadium, home to the lackluster Minnesota Twins...), winding up at Minnehaha Falls. Minnesota is considered to be one of the top two biking states. Except for jumping on my bike at home and riding about 1/2 mile to the trail, my entire route was trail based. A part of my route was on the Midtown Greenway, which features a great bike watering hole (i.e. coffee and the like) and bike shop set up to offer any needed repairs. To begin with, you are welcome to bring your bike into the shop while you rest, shop, or rehydrate.
 In case you need air there are plenty of pumps!
 Here is some of the fun merchandise!
 My son and grandson, Hann (5) joined me for about 10 miles of the route. 
Minnehaha Falls, 58 miles complete!
What better way for me to celebrate my incredibly improved health and stamina than to ride a mile for every year! I planned well in advance for this long ride to be sure I had enough snacks, knew the route that I would take and did only short rides on the days leading up to the 58. It was a sunny, but very windy ride with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. But I did it, in about 4 hours. I did not ride hard, just steady and even. After my birthday ride, some of my family met at the Sea Salt, a fabulous little cafe close to the Falls, for some lunch.
Here we are at DQ, my two daughters, my son and two of the grandbabies, 
Aiden and Hann.

I know I will be able to handle the 62 miles for the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure, now only 6 days away.  This year I plan to ride the 62 (metric century) mile course that winds in and around the beautiful cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. As many of you know, I do not have diabetes, however, my brother (Type 2) and my nephew (Type 1) do. My mother was impacted by the progressive nature of the disease for many years before she died. Riding in this event is one way that I continue to mark my own progress toward better health and raise funds for a very worthwhile cause at the same time. A win-win in my book. Click on the Tour icon on my sidebar to read more. Your contributions are most welcome, too!

Week Nine of the Ready For Summer Challenge is now behind me. Here is my update. 

  1. Weight loss: My weight loss goal is to lose 7 pounds. I am down four so far, but, I will not weigh in now until June 3.

  1. NSV (Non-Scale Victory): I think my biggest non scale victory last week was enjoying my BD treats without going overboard at all. Just enjoying each and every bite. Yum!

  1. Exercise: As far as my three targets for this goal:
1.  Improving my strength and stamina. This week I rode 116 miles over 5/7 days!.
2.  My second target is to work on my cycling distance. My longest ride now is at 58 miles. I managed my nutrition during that long ride by setting a timer to go off every 30 minutes at which time I had a high energy snack and of course water.  
3.  Increasing my speed: I am doing well here. Still hovering at about 13 mph.  
4.  Cross training: I did not do any of my core exercises. So, fail in this area for the first time for this challenge.

Nutrition: My goals are to stay at about 1500 calories a day. On most days I did just that, but on my long ride days, especially that 58, I was over, but then again I burned many calories too. On my birthday, I burned over 3,000 calories which was great because I enjoyed two pieces of carrot cake, a DQ soft serve ice cream, one scone and one buttermilk donut. Yum!

I met both of my week nine goals (a 50 miler and hills twice), too. For the last week of the challenge my goals are to prep for the Tour with a tapper down of only a couple more short rides and a couple of days off. 

Last but not least, it is Memorial weekend in the United States. My father, who passed a couple of years ago, served in WW II. I am grateful and blessed because of his service. Thank-you to those of you with family and or friends who are serving or who have served.

Have a great week, friends. Stray strong and TTFN,


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
    Loving the 58 for 58!!!

  2. You're doing an AMAZING job! Sounds like a lovely birthday bike ride :) Happy birthday!!

  3. Even though I remember we were very close in age, I was going to guess 38!!! But then you gave it away! I love the pics - you look fabulous - happy, content and the picture of health! Good luck next weekend!

  4. Way to go on the birthday ride, Michele! I doubt I will be able to ride, walk, pedal, swim, or run 55 miles when my BD comes a little later this year. Maybe do 55 squats? It's a thought.

    You are doing so well and are the most consistent person I know. Good luck with the big ride next weekend, and be sure to give us a full report. It feels as if we have been in training with you all this time!

  5. I would absolutely pee my pants if I saw a bear! Even from afar from the safety of my car.
    Great goals, you are kicking ass!

  6. 21? I cannot imagine a grandma doing so many miles.

    You are inspiring! Happy birthday smiley.

  7. It's been so fun watching your progress with your riding. You are doing fantastic and I am so inspired! You are making things happen!! Keep up the great work and stay focused!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  8. Glad you had a great birthday! You earned those calories so great job!

    Looks like your training is right in line for your upcoming ride. Another great week!

  9. Great way to celebrate your birthday, Michele! We do have a beautiful state and fabulous bike trails. We also saw a bear crossing the road last summer (near our cabin). They're coming farther south, I guess. You are doing fabulously well with your weight loss plan, and it's due to your perseverance. You are an inspiration!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a perfect day.
    I continue to be impressed with your dedication to your riding, and your health. Best of luck in the ADA Tour de Cure!

  11. I'm thinking you must have knees of steel. Sigh. Hope you meet all your goals in this final week of the challenge. :)

  12. Happy Birthday! You are amazing and you look so young in those recent pics! Carrot cake......yummy.

  13. A belated Happy Birthday Michele! I'm glad that bear ran the other way. ;-)

  14. I'm late and I'm sorry. Happy belated birthday Michele. You have been ride some massive miles and doing so great! You really are amazing.
    How did your race go today? It sure was beautiful weather. I was down in your neck of the woods today. Took my mama and dad, aunt and uncle to the Como Conservatory. Wow the people. From my small town of 1000 to your huge towns with many. It was fun watching all of them. So many different races.
    Anyways, I hope you did awesome but really I already know you did. I just know!
    Take care Michele, God bless!!