Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week Five!

Week Five of the Ready For Summer Challenge is now behind me. I can honestly say this was probably my best week of the challenge. You will soon see why:

 1. Weight loss: My weight loss goal is to lose 7 pounds. I will not weigh in until June 3; so nothing yet to report here.

2. NSV (Non-Scale Victory): For me my NSV for this challenge is in moving forward in my health and fitness so that I am able to ride the 62-mile bike event that I am registered for on June 2. This past week there were two tangible NSVs for me and they both had to do with food. The first one involved a work related dinner that I attended on Wednesday night. The food is always tasty, but not necessarily low in calories. I was very careful to bank extra calories for over two days, knowing that there will be high calories at this meal. I kept my hunger at bay by first eating a cut up apple and a smoothie before I entered the room. I ate the salad to start off, even with dressing. The main entrée was stuffed chicken, herb-buttered carrots, and fried potatoes. I ate most of the chicken, although I pushed away all the stuffing. I had a few carrots and NO potatoes. My NSV was the blueberry pie. At these kinds of work events they put the dessert out when they bring the salads. For the entire meal I stared at that pie. But I never ate a SINGLE bite!! I have never left so much for on my plate or passed up pie like that.

My second NSV was another meeting where I had volunteered to bring all the breakfast treats. I bake a mean and delicious scone (if I do say so myself). I also found recipes for fresh blueberry and banana muffins. I baked 5 dozen muffins and 3 dozen scones. I did not have a single bite of those either. As a matter of fact there were a few leftovers, but I distributed those to my children. In years past I could not have made those goodies without licks, bites, and tastes. But no more!!

3. Exercise: As far as my four targets for this goal:

a. Improving my strength and stamina. This week I rode 83 miles over 5/6 days! I did the fastest 20 miles ever (13 mph average) on Monday. I try to incorporate a little hill work in every ride, too.

b. My second target is to work on my cycling distance. Today I rode my longest ride in over a year: 30 miles. I did great for the first 15. I have to work at pacing myself more for these long rides and fueling my body at regular intervals. Today I did eat something every 10 miles. On my next long ride I am going to plan on fueling at 7. I think this might make a difference in my energy and stamina as I ride. I did keep hydrated.

c. Increasing my speed: My average speed this week was again about 12.5 mph. On the flats I can keep 14-15 miles steady now, too.

d. Cross training: I saw my physical therapist last week. My strength training now includes squats. I did all of my core exercises 5/7 days.

4. Nutrition: I stayed under 1500 calories on 6/7 days. Today was my 30-mile ride so I know I will go over, but then I also burned close to 1800 calories! With those two NSVs, I believe week 5 is now my best of this challenge.

Maren asked us to share what motivates us to keep going on our journey toward better health. For me it is simple right now: cycling. The two bike events that are coming up for me (Tour de Cure and Venus de Miles) are keeping my food choices in check and my motivation high for one. But also, I really want to lose some of my belly bulge so I ca get in a better tuck on my bike. It is SOOO uncomfortable to try to tuck with that bulge getting in the way! Each time I bike, I force myself to tuck as a reminder that I have away to go still.

My goals for week 6 are to:
1.     Exercise: Ride a thirty-five and two twenty milers during the week. Keep my total biking distance around 85 miles
2.     Nutrition: include beans and legumes at least twice for breakfast

How are you doing in meeting your own lifestyle and fitness challenges?

Have a great week everyone! Stay strong!

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  1. Way to go on no blueberry pie! You are doing so well and I love seeing your updates.

  2. Nice burn! I do love a bike ride :)

  3. Your bike riding numbers are impressive to say the least. And, foregoing blueberry pie is awesome. Keep up the good work and the best to you for week six. :)

  4. Good job, Michele on all fronts! You are building amazing stamina on that bike.

    I'm doing fine on my health and fitness goals. As we've shared before, the weight loss has slowed to a crawl, but I'm so close to goal, I certainly shouldn't be surprised.

  5. Terrific work this past week. Knowing that you were strong enough to not eat everything on your plate and pass up on dessert means that you can do it again in the future. Your bike rides are inspiring - I have yet to learn how to ride a bike! :)
    You're doing an awesome job working towards your final goals!

  6. Congrats on your huge NSV milestones!
    You are doing great, keep it going!

  7. Wow, Michele! You are a bicycle riding fool. Great mileage, and good for you to push yourself on the speed.

    Staring down the blueberry pie...I can totally relate to that situation, but often not with those results.

    I'm doing well by tracking my big four on a daily basis - calories, exercise, sleep, and workflow.

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  9. Wow, Michele!! Way to go! I love to read about your ongoing journey of discovery. I'm hoping I can ride my bike this year--we'll see if my arm and shoulder can handle the grip and bearing the weight. Riding a bike is my favorite exercise, because I can recapture that feeling of flying--just like when I was a child. It really erases the years--at least for a while! Have a wonderful week, and I hope our Minnesota weather warms up! We got spoiled during our amazing winter and early spring!

  10. Passed on the blueberry pie?! Awesome work! Have a great week!

  11. Victory on all fronts! Another great week Michele!

  12. You are doing so well! I'm not sure I could pass on blueberry pie to be honest! I love that you love biking so much, it's the greatest thing! Keep going, week 6 will be fantastic for you!

  13. You had the best week so far, so naturally I would have the worst. So I'm taking one for the team. (Smile) The pie incident is a huge NSV and I think you should shout it from the rooftops, girl! I do the same thing as you in banking calories for a special occasion. Which is why I have put this week behind me. A bad week does not a diet ruin. Right? Onward!

  14. Congrats on a successful week. Good luck with week 6.

  15. Wow, the miles you put on that bike always amaze me. You are so awesome! :)

  16. You are doing so great! Love your bike speed!! Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  17. I just found your lovely blog. We really do have to concentrate on the non-scale victories. I have lost 86 lbs and am so close to goal, but that darn number of the scale is driving me crazy. I really do have to concentrate on how better I feel and what I can do now. I am your newest follower. Please check out my blog at

  18. Great report, Michele. I often think about you when I go out biking. I'm so impressed with your mileage. I'm not there yet. But the hills are getting a little bit easier and I love riding. Good job with the pie. Blueberries are not my cup of tea, but make it a cherry pie or pecan and I doff my hat to you!