Sunday, February 5, 2012

XC, Endomondo, baking and a great week!

Yesterday was a great day for cross country skiing. 
Sunny, clear and of course snowy. 
It's fun to try to figure out what animals left tracks.

My tracks. 
Not as delicate as the animals, but pretty straight, 
don't you think?

 Today the oaks leaves were iced at the tips.

Yesterday, I tried a new recipe for French bread. They came out great! Don't you think? I had just two pieces and tracked my cals.

Many of you know  Maren who blogs about her weight loss journey from beautiful Norway. Last week she posted about this cool little app called Endomondo. I was sold immediately when I foldout that it tracks many sports, not just walking, but get this, stair climbing, cycling (sport and mountain!), walking, cross country skiing and many, many others. The download for the “pro” version was $3.99, a bargain. It really is a dandy. It tracks your exercise distance, duration, calories burned and with GPS plots your course and produces these cool little maps of your route and calendar.
Pretty nifty, eh??

I had a great week last week! Tracked my calories and exercised well. Our weather was warm for Minnesota, which allowed me to get in TWO bike rides outside for a total of 12 miles. I did another nine on my trainer. I am getting better at keeping a steady pace on my trainer, clocking in two 30-minute rides. I cross-country skied 6 miles and walked 6, too! I know I will shed that extra couple of pounds I picked up during my three week hiatus in quick order with week's like the one just past.

Now, I am back to reality.  Sabbatical is over. Back to academic life for me on Monday.

Look forward to checking in with all of you, too. As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing part of your day with me. Have a great week and stay strong! TTFN, Michele


  1. What a great post. Your bread looks great; it's a good thing it was just a picture, because I was surely tempted. Good for you for getting in all that biking too. Do you have to take your bike off the trainer, or do you have two bikes? The app sounds fun, too.

  2. The bread looks wonderful! And hasn't our Minnesota weather been grand!! I'm not even eager to go to Florida.

    Best of luck to you as you return to your work and academic life. I'm so glad that you had this opportunity for a sabbatical. It's so rejuvenating to have a change of pace for a while. Take care!!

  3. I'm going to look into the Endomondo. I could alway use a program that helps. Our weather has been amazing. I am loving I can still run the trails, even in a little bit of snow instead of climbing over snow drifts.
    I want to get out and ski but our snow isn't so great here, maybe on the lake.
    Take care Michele and have a blessed week. I hope getting back into school is amazing. I know you're a fantastic teacher. I would love to be one of your students.

  4. What a super week. Nice end to your sabbatical!

    Hope you get back into the groove quick on your return. I have trouble after being gone a week. :)

  5. Hope I'm not repeating myself with this story...The one and only time I've gone XC skiing was at the Olympic course in Lake Placid, NY. Used to work near there in the summer and made a Christmastime visit. Wow, that was beautiful. Stuck to the "easy" part of the course, though. I think it'd be a fun way to exercise in your area!

  6. It has been years since I cross country skiied and I loved it, but that was many moons ago...Maybe next winter I will take it up....have a great week..

  7. I cannot believe its been a year and your sabbatical is over. We've been blog friends THAT long!! But best of luck as you return today and I think your time off has whetted your appetite for retirement!

    Love the cross-country ski pics.

  8. Hope your return to academia went well today! The bread looks tasty!

  9. Love those skis and your active life!

  10. Lovin the skiing that you are doing, plus the pics, too!! Keep up the good work and wishing you a most wonderful time back at the academic life!!


  11. Hope the transition back to work is going well. I imagine you must be tired with the change. What a lovely way to close out your sabbatical. Will Michele strike the perfect balance between work and leisure?

    The leaves are gorgeous and I love that you noticed them and appreciated them. The boules and their side bursts are very pleasing to me. Homey.

  12. I loooove the app, and I am so happy it's working so well for you. It's amazing to track things and see all that we actually do. :D

  13. Great week you had, Michele. The pictures are awesome. I especially like the silver-lined oak leaves! We had 2 feet of snow last week and I couldn't get out of the house to get to the gym for 4 days. Now I have an inner ear infection and am dizzy as a loon, so biking is out until I get "balanced" again. LOL. You're doing so well - 12 miles outside, 9 on your trainer. A friend is giving me a trainer in the next couple of weeks and once I have a bike to use with it, I'll really be focused and ready to train! Have an awesome week and I hope getting back to work will be fun and rewarding for you - especially when everyone sees how fit and trim you have become!

  14. Awesome week. Your bread looks great. I've wanted to make some but have such horrible luck making the dough rise. Geez!!

    Keep focused!