Sunday, January 29, 2012

XC Skiing, week report and spend your life wisely...

Beautiful fresh snow means one thing: cross-country skiing! 
First, put on your cross-country skis.
A handy chair is helpful. 
Notice the skis are long and narrow and the 
boot clamps in only in the front to allow for smooth
running like movements as you ski.
Let’s break some trail!
Just you and your skis out here. Quiet..
A great 45 minute outdoor outing! No problem staying warm either! 

Weekly update: I rode my bike using the trainer 4 times for a total of 2 hours and about 12 miles. The bike via trainer remains challenging for me. I increased my steady pace endurance to 15 minutes without stopping. I plan to keep at it.

I had an uneven week as far as eating. I was over my calorie budget (10500) by 1500 calories for the week. I am making no excuses, but know that this red over expenditure leaves me with no weight loss to report for this week.

In other health related news: I am moving forward on one other lifestyle change: elimination of all caffeine. For years I sipped 3-5 cups of coffee throughout the morning with a couple of diet sodas thrown in during the afternoon. I am leaving all those favored beverages behind for now, and maybe forever, as I seek alternative methods of overcoming my chronic migraine headaches.Going cold turkey, too!

In the news: Wonderful piece/metaphor in the Star Tribune today about a crying baby in the audience of a speaker about to make an important point “that could change the lives of all in attendance.” The speaker was distracted and never regained the momentum to make that punch.Whatever it was. Ross Levin writes how we all get distracted by the wailings around us and spend an “inordinate amount of time paying attention to things over which we have little control and virtually have little to no long-term impact on us.” 

"What if in 2012 you said yes to something that you wanted to do but had been afraid to do? Are there things you have been putting off because you hear old wailings distracting you from creating new stories and new memories? Spend your life wisely." 

Stay strong. TTFN,


  1. You are adorable!!! I wished I lived in snow country!! Would make me so happy!

    Powerful statement about distractions. I am so guilty of missing my opportunities. I for one, am striving to block out those distractions and I'm doing some stuff that I want and need to do this year!! No excuses!!

    Keep focused!!

  2. When I was growing up I was forced to go cross-country skiing so many times that .. I hate it. As an adult, I can not for the life of me imagine ever doing it again. It's a shame, because we have a lot of snow, and it's great exercise.. but it just ruined it for me.

  3. We never have enough snow for that, but I think I would like it if we did. I admire you for keeping up with whatever exercise opportunity presents itself. And that bike maching sounds boring and difficult. (Sort of like me and the treadmill...) Have a great week!

  4. I echo the others who say that picture of you is adorable. Have never cross country skied, but hiking in the snow gives the deepest, most beautiful sense of peace and I can imagine skiing would be much the same.

  5. I cut out caffeine in college. Now the most I get is in chocolate:) I was on the phone while on the bike today and the time passed so much faster! And I was a bit breathless talking which I thought was a good sign:)

  6. Beautiful and serene scene. No wonder people go for the XX skiing. Interesting that the boots look like tennies.

    I am gonna have to link to this post. I like the last part about the ignoring the distractions and doing it... life on hold is not life.

  7. You're killing it with the exercise - it motivates me some :D
    Wish it would snow here, want to swap weather a while?

  8. Love the photo of you skiing! Your exercise activities are amazingly consistent. You keep moving! We had some snow over the weekend in SE MN, but it's been pretty sparse this year for the skiers. Are you at your cabin or in the Cities?

    We were in the Cities to take care of grandkids all weekend. Spent some time at the MN History Center, which had a very nice ice palace activity for the kids, and of course it was a "blizzard" of hockey games. We stayed on the move and that helped with my food intake. Have a great week!

  9. Okay - you got me today on the aspect of the old wailings. From time to time I think about that in my weight loss journey. That I said Yes to losing weight and then there is a distraction - cold weather, no time, lack of motivation...doing much better with keeping the wailings at bay!! Spending my life wisely is the key!! Thanks for sharing and love the pics of the new workout activity!!


  10. Love this whole post!

  11. I too am exploring some additional alternative methods for feeling well. I'm going to return to a chiropractor who does applied kinesiology. I expect the food testing she does with me will mean I'll have to give up some things I love, at least for a while (like wheat, dairy, and maybe even some things I assume are "good" for me but might not be). Let's keep comparing our reactions to these new approaches. As always, you continue to be an inspiration.

  12. I am so jealous of your snow and cross-country skiing! I have always wanted to try it! Good luck with the caffeine. I only get it in my green tea now and I give myself the one glass every day as a reward for drinking all that water.

    Why is it so easy to pay attention to (or, in my case, become obsessed with) the things we have no control over? That was a great point! I'm working on it!

  13. I have tried x-country skiing a couple of times but neither time was a great experience. Once was with a pack on and the other when the snow was really wet and sticky, you make it sound fun enough for me to try it again.

    I too am trying to kick the caffeine habit. We'll see how it goes. Good luck!

  14. Gee, Michelle. You really made some strong points today. First, congrats on the biking miles. I still have to buy a bike and trainer, but am using the Spinner at the gym. Doing the Venus is my big "Yes" for the year and I'm happy that we're doing it together. 67 miles - Yowza! I might need caffeine to help me across the finish line! I've cut way back on caffeine, but still drink 2 cups of coffee a day for the positive results medical research believes they are finding in breast cancer prevention with caffeine. The cold turkey approach in stopping caffeine can cause withdrawal least that's what we see in the doctor's office as the "official diagnosis." Take care and good luck and here's to no more migraines!

  15. I got my ski's out this weekend and have plans on using them this week/weekend. We really don't have enough snow to use the trails so am going to just take the road you and I walked and then across the lake back home. Just need enough daylight after daycare or bussing to go.
    You are great Michele. I love your commitment.
    Take care and have a blessed week!

  16. I really hope the cold turkey helps with your migraines. I get a big benefit in not having caffiene in my diet and that is that when I *do* have a bad headache, the caffiene in excedrin is like magic! That doesn't happen if you already have it in your system. So, that's something.
    Have you explored Neurofeedback at all for your headaches? It might be worth checking out. Start here if you're interested:
    I've had headaches and can't stand to think of anyone in that kind of pain.
    I love the snow photos and I"m so glad Munchberry sent me over here.

  17. I have always wanted to try this. You've given me reason to go for it - it looks like so much fun!

  18. Michelle I SOOO wish I could ski with you some day. Looks like fun. I never liked skiing in the past, but I've only done downhill AND I was not in as good a shape as I am now.

  19. This is a fabulous post! You gave me something to think about for sure!

    I'm really impressed with your exercising. Good for you! I'd love to try cross country skiing and earlier this winter had resolved that I would. We haven't gotten any snow!!! LOL

    I have also just recently given up caffeine. I had a bad headache for a few days but since then it has been great.

  20. XC skiing is now on my bucket list of things to do!
    I love that phrase- Live your life wisely... Amazing that a simple phrase can mean so much. Thank you for sharing this.
    What kind of trainer do you have? Any recommendations? I am looking for one to incorporate some different cardio into my exercise program.

  21. I have always said I didnt like snow...... But you are adorable :)