Friday, January 20, 2012


Happy Friday Bloggers!

The dead of winter....
Gives us in the North Country the promise of spring and the great outdoors:
Time to work with our trainers:
While watching great old programs like this one:
What's that you say: workout done!!!!
Wow that was a fast

No excuses now, hear?? True grit for you and me! TTFN and stay strong, Michele


  1. This post got me really pumped about going to the gym tomorrow! Good job Michele!

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    1. Okay! I'm officially jealous. I've had my eye on a bike trainer for a while, but DH doesn't think we need one. Yes, I know it's gotten into the 60s a few times in the past several weeks, but, oh I do like the idea of biking in front of my netflix. ! Guess I'll have to walk in place or something. I've been enjoying oldies but goodies, mostly Master Piece Theater on Netflix this winter. I've seen Upstairs, Downstairs and Downton Abbey. DH and I are working our way through Centennial on the weekends.

      Glad things are going well with you. You look great!

  3. aww, jeremy irons when he was young... My gym has tvs in the machines, it's nice to watch stuff while I'm working out sometimes.

  4. So... my husband got me all excited to bike since he got the trainer out and moved furniture. But now he tells me he still needs to find a part for it. And my bike needs to be cleaned before it comes in the house. I hope HE does that!

  5. Keep us posted on the trainer! I have a conventional exercise bike, but I don't love to use it because it's not as comfortable as my hybrid bike.

    And glad to hear the other conversation was helpful. Again, you seem to have made the most of your opportunity over the past year.

  6. Hasn't it been a lovely winter here in Minnesota? Even though we have had a few cold days recently, it's been great! Loved "Brideshead."