Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Focus points for 2012

Last year I focused on three overall themes: balance, downsizing and organization. You know from my last post that I made considerable progress on all three. This year, I will continue downsizing as one of my main areas of focus. Other themes for 2012 are:  stretching myself out of my comfort zone, communication, and playing.  In what follows I will share some of my targets and goals within each of those themes.

Overall, I would like to be solidly into the 150’s by the end of 2012. When I say solidly, I mean below 155. For me that means that I will shed at least 18 pounds. To achieve this target I plan to:
  • Track my food and stay around 1500 calories a day: I know this works for me.
  • Take my measurements: I have not done this at all. I plan to take them every two months.
  • Overweight BMI: Move from the obese category to the “overweight” category by my birthday (May 22). For my height I will need to be 160 to be in the overweight category.
  • Increase my fitness with exercise: I plan to  keep up my fitness level and increase the rigor of my regime. Consistently I have exercised about one hour a day. Now that winter has set in , my main from of exercise will be walking, ice skating and snow shoeing. Returning to my academic position will challenge me to find other options for exercise time. My plan is to get in 6 hours a week of exercise even once I get back to work.  

Here are some of my distance targets for 2012 for a number of exercises that are part of my life:
  • 1850 miles biking
  • 450 miles walking
  • 8, 000 stairs climbed

I plan to ride in the  Tour de Cure (June 2) and have set my sights on the 45 mile course which is an increase of 18 miles from 2011. I do plan on entering one other road event that will challenge me in cycling whether in distance or in elevation, just not sure where or when yet (probably end of the summer).

Stretching myself out of my comfort zone: I would like to do some hiking and canoeing. I can do both, but do not feel very competent in either. With hiking I would like to go on at least one long hike with an elevation increase of 1500 feet. Canoeing: I would like to canoe across a few lakes and maybe even portage.

I am interested in stretching myself further in other areas, too. Much of this may be about learning and exploring other things but there is more. I want to embrace more of my lighter side. Like telling jokes or getting people to lighten up with laughter. I can do it and it comes out spontaneously,  I just want to do it more.

Communication: I firmly believe that really good communication is an art. I get by and most people would say I do it fine, but, I really want to work on navigating difficult conversations with people that I care about including a few that I work with.  For me part of this theme is about really listening and being present.  

Playing: For me this is about making time to just have some unfocused time to enjoy something: whether it is swimming on a hot day, spending time with my grandbabies, or enjoying the company of my husband. Playing: just messy about or hanging out with few time constraints or agendas. Every week: play, laugh and tell jokes.

I will document more about my downsizing theme on this blog and probably share more about the other themes on my other blog, but wanted you to all know my areas of focus for 2012. 

I am taking off for my very last conference of sabbatical in Florida. This is where I will accept an award for one of my papers. I am honored and excited to accept this award! I have two grandbabies and hubby with me for entertainment in Orlando after the conference finishes. Take care my friends. Stay focused and TTFN! Michele


  1. Great goals in all areas! Congrats on your award. What a great way to end your sabbatical!
    Hope we are both happy at the end of the year.

  2. Congratulations on your award, Michele. Have a wonderful trip. I'm envious of all of your goals. Only thing I'll continue tracking is my steps. Hopefully I'll be able to do some biking this year. You're an inspiration!

  3. Becoming a better person in all areas as well as eating is important. They all work together. Congratulations on the award.

  4. Congrats on your award and have a great trip.

  5. Those are some beautiful grandbabies:) Congratulations on your award! Great goals!

  6. You are going to have a great 2012!! You can reach your goals!!

    Adorable Grand Babies!!

    Stay focused!

  7. I love that you call it "downsizing." and that you have distance targets! That is an awesome idea.
    Your goals sound challenging, doable and measurable. Sorry I am sounding like educator jargon.
    Congrats on the award! Is it posted on your other blog? Have a wonderful time in Florida with spouse and grand babies! Work hard and play hard in 2012!

  8. I'm sure you will be able to reach your goals. You are such a strong women!

  9. I love your goals! I think they are well balanced and all important! With your determination you will do this without a doubt! :D

  10. Congrats on your award!
    I love your goals, there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve them all.
    I am getting more serious about biking too. I just hope it won't interfere with my running. Both are fun.

  11. Ditto to what Mer said...and congrats on the award!!


  12. Congrats on the award. This post does spell out what you intend and reflects the degree of focus you have for what you desire; so a well named post and more importantly a good sign you will be successful.

  13. You're so organized! I have no doubt you will reach your goals this year. Your progress inspires me. Loved your account of Muir Woods. It's one of my favorite nature walks. Those are some very cute grandkids, too.

  14. Fantastic and focused goals. These are very inspirational.
    I wish you the best of luck and know that you will meet these goals with your usually determination.
    I tagged you in my post today - no pressure to answer but thought it might be fun.

  15. I love the clarity of your goals, Michele. May I offer a suggestion? You could accomplish two of your goals, a bike ride for distance and a hike for elevation, by visiting Colorado in August for the Venus de Miles bike-ride and to hike in the glorious Rocky Mountains. Just a "not-so-subtle" thought. Congratulations on winning the award! Writing an award-winning paper, in addition to accomplishing all of your physical goals last year, made for a memorable and very successful year for you! Well done!