Sunday, December 4, 2011

Leaving fall for winter, cooking and challenge updates

I snapped that picture above just five short days ago
while on an early morning10 mile ride around the lakes here in Minneapolis.
The light was just beautiful, don't you think?
I was able to get in 30 miles last week, even a 10 miler on December 1, 
but, that may be the last riding for me for a while because this is what it looks like now:
My two daughters and I set a side one day last week to bake and cook together. 
We tried loads of new recipes, including one for Bruschetta:
Another for Margherita pizza (only 250 a slice):
and whole wheat bread.
My Cuisenaire really had a work out last week. I am more confident using it and believe me it is a TON of fun. That Bruschetta is about as easy as can be and healthy, too. Tomatoes, basil, garlic and a little olive oil are the main and simple ingredients. I did not take a picture but I also made my first homemade hummus. Both the hummus and the Bruschetta were served at a holiday party this weekend. It is a fun challenge for me now to try to find good and healthy things to make for special occasions and even to tweak some of our family's holiday favorites. We made some holiday goodies including some muffins, pumpkin bread, cookies, and caramels almost all healthier versions using applesauce or whole wheat flour. I am very proud of the fact that throughout our baking I had no licks, bites or chews! Everything is safely frozen for Christmas.

Challenge updates
Track my food intake daily: Yes. Done all 7 days. Stick to under 1500 calories on average a day: Well, I did this for 6/7 days. Last night at the holiday party I did go over, but only by three hundred calories. So, no big deal in my book.  Exercise, rigorously, at least 8 hours per week: I exercised 5/7 days for a total of 7 hours. My biking mileage came in at 30, which is low, but it is probably the end of the season for me;  stair steps were 800 again, plus I walked 14 miles.  Weigh in: I did weigh in and am the same: 173. Plan for eating for the big holidays: Yes, although like I wrote, I did eat more at that party, but no biggie. Continue to learn about what works best for me in this journey to better health, specifically losing and maintaining weight loss as we age and our metabolism slows down: Yes. Support and encourage other weight loss bloggers: Yes indeed!

 Now for the dress:

No, that is not me (!!), but I DID wear that beautiful dress to the holiday party. My hubby says I was a knockout (!), regardless of what he said though, it felt GREAT to finally wear it and fit in it, too. It really was a great marker as to how far I have come. I will wear it again and next time will have someone take a picture of me in it.

Looking forward to reading and catching up with all of you.  Have a great start to your week! TTFN and stay strong, Michele


  1. Congratulations! You have already worn the dress! I bet you were a knockout! You have worked hard and consistently for this, and you deserve the kudos!

  2. I bet you were a knockout too! Well don on fitting in the dress and even more for feeling good about it :D

  3. Can't wait to see a picture of you IN that dress! Love the contrasting trails photos! Sure hope to bike some of those paths with you someday and yes, I absolutely want to cook together in that Wisconsin kitchen!

  4. I am with Sharon. Pictures please!
    We are still in the middle of glorious autumn here. That's CA for you. I am itching to get to the snow country soon though.
    Good job on keeping your weight under control. This is such a difficult season for eating healthy.

  5. Beautiful! What a difference a day makes in our world, huh? I enjoyed hiking through four inches of snow - what a killer workout! Your consistency pays off!!

  6. Can't wait to see a picture of the dress....with you in it!
    Love home made hummus and bruschetta so easy to make too.

  7. I can't believe, that you already were able to wear that dress!!! You are just so awesome and such an example to us here!!! You really deserve it!

  8. That's wonderful! Keep it up, love!

  9. Fab dress, bet you looked wonderful in it :)

  10. That dress is gorgeous, I'm sure you looked lovely. I'm jealous of all your food too!

    I'm really looking forward to snow on one hand, but on the other because I haven't passed my test (which I thought I would have by now) I'll have to drive in it when it arrives, which I'm finding quite scary.

  11. Great job Michele! Isn't it great to reach a goal?

    It has turned cold here as well. It's an accomplishment just to get out the front door!

  12. Lovely pics and CONGRATS on wearing that great dress! Good for you. Love to see a pic of you in it!

  13. WOW love that dress. You need to take a pic of you in it for us to envy,

  14. I like your art pics. Good for you riding in MN in December. Brrrrrrr!

  15. Beautiful dress! Am sure you looked fab. Good job on the healthy recipes, that bruschetta sounds divine.

  16. What fun it is to read your blog. Your cooking/baking day with your daughters sounds wonderful and will probably be one of your happy memories for years to come. I LOVE your red dress and hope to see a picture of you in it soon. In a world so full of black, it's a joy to see that some people, like you, still have the imagination and courage to wear color!

  17. I would so love to see you in that dress. I bet you took the pretty dress and made it beautiful. You have done so wonderfully Michele. We have no snow up here, none but it was -10 this morning.
    Have a great week. Keep up the great work. Take care and have a blessed week.