Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving, new kitchen gadget and challenge updates

I hope those of you who celebrate had a great Thanksgiving! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving break for my family and I. We have much to be grateful for and are. The food was terrific and plentiful. I ate 500 calories extra for a total of 1500 extra calories over three days, which is what I had planned. I enjoyed two pieces of pumpkin pie and ate them slowly. I made an old fashioned recipe this year with whipping cream instead of condensed milk. I figure if you are going to indulge, make it worthwhile. I did and they were. Every last bite. Yum. 

I know I have made enormous strides in my eating habits and healthy living over these past 18 months and it showed over Thanksgiving. I exercised hard (on T-day alone I rode 17 miles), plus I planned well eating HUGE green salads on Th, Fri. and Sat before our big family meals. I still have an enormous sweet tooth and doubt this will ever be totally gone, but, I can tell you that some of my once favorite foods were TOO sweet: like apple and pecan pie. No, thanks, at least not the ones I tried. 

My daughters, DIL and I make downtown Minneapolis our destination on Black Friday and this year was no exception. We started it a number of years ago to avoid the craziness at the local malls and big box stores, plus it is a great way to support our local businesses. One of our very first stops was the Kitchen Window a locally owned cooking and kitchen outfitters. I tapped into my thriftiness (and coupons!) to purchase this little dandy:

It is a Cuisenaire food processor!  I have never owned one nor even used one, but now that I am finding my inner cook, I was intrigued by all the options and flexibility that this dandy little machine will bring to my kitchen. Yes, you read that right: I am discovering my inner cook! As my journey has progressed I have slowly become interested in cooking healthy and delicious foods. Over the past two weeks I made split pea and butternut squash soups, omelets, and low fat muffins, just to name a few. Like Sharon, I feel so relaxed while I am cooking, and I do not even mind cleaning up afterwards. That Cuisenaire will make it a snap to chop and shred a variety of ingredients for cooking and salads. Can’t wait to use it more!

Challenge updates:

Track my food intake daily: Yes. Done all 7 days. Stick to under 1500 calories on average a day: Well, like I wrote above,  I went over 1500 calories on three days, but I am not worried at all. That was my "allowance" if you will. No worries for me being on track again. 

Exercise, rigorously, at least 8 hours per week: I exercised 5/7 days for a total hours of 9. My biking mileage came in at  39 (which is astounding for late November in MN!) stair steps altogether were 800, plus I walked about 11 miles. The stairs I normally climb (right photo) are now closed for the winter, so I am now climbing the set of 25 steps on the left. They are wider and will be cleaned of ice and snow throughout the winter making them a good choice for this part of my work out.

Weigh in: Will be on December 3. 

Plan for eating for the big holidays: Yes, done. Quite happy with how I did.

Continue to learn about what works best for me in this journey to better health, specifically losing and maintaining weight loss as we age and our metabolism slows down: Yes. I am reading and learning more things about my body as I age.

Support and encourage other weight loss bloggers: Yes. I continue to do this.

All of the above helps me to meet my target for the Christmas Dress Challenge. I remain focused and moving forward.Only two more weeks to the holiday party where I will wear this dress!

Overall: I am very happy with where I am in these two challenges. Looking forward to reading and catching up with all of my bloggy friends. Have a great start to your week! 
TTFN and stay strong,


  1. Michele - you never cease to amaze and inspire me! Great Thanksgiving plan... fun Black Friday... way to support local business... I love how you support other blogger (myself included). Fabulous!!!

    Can't wait to see a pic of you in your dress for the Christmas party!
    Booya girlfriend!!


  2. You are a wonderful example of patience and determination. I am confident that you will look like a million bucks in that dress, and I will be here to fiind out!

    Have a great week!

  3. Brenda and I went small store shopping on Saturday. I'm glad you guys had a great day. You are so amazing Michele for your dedication to your life style changes, keep it up.
    Have a blessed week.

  4. Wow -- you look and sound so great! Relaxed and happy! Congrats on all your progress. It's really nice to swing by and soak up some of your positive vibes. :-)

  5. Sounds like a good plan and glad you did so good. I can't live without my food processors. I have one like yours and one that is called the big mouth and with a much larger container that I use for large jobs and chopping garden veggies. Love it. You enjoy yours.

  6. Funny, our newly discovered "inner cooks" are thinking alike. I have a very small food processor that I've used for awhile, but have been thinking of approaching Santa Claus about a nice, new and much larger one for Christmas.

    Good job with the restraint on Thanksgiving Day. As you read in my post, I felt many of the same emotions as I perused the table before our meal. I just didn't want it!

  7. Well done! You did superbly over Thanksgiving! :D

  8. I'm so impressed how you have learned to control your eating and push yourself with exercise. Great job on the steps. Ironically, I found steps to be a good winter activity, if you can find them without ice, as you can get in a pretty intense activity in a relatively compact amount of time, even if it's raining, as it does here in winter.

  9. That's a good way of putting it. I like to clean up lately, too!
    Now that I know a little better what I am doing!

  10. Hello fellow Minnesota girl! You did great over Thanksgiving, and I'm sure you will take your excellent plan through the Christmas holidays. Good luck with your food processor. I'll be anxious to hear what you think.

  11. I usually keep track of the Minnesota weather since my brother lives there. I am super impressed that you are not only eating right but you are getting out exercising as well. Great work Michele!

  12. So glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend! Love your workouts!! Love, love, love them!! Yes, the weather is beyond wonderful this year.

  13. Sounds like you did well with the holiday temptations. I'm uber-jealous of your kitchenware!